Generating more Traffic to your Website

08 Jul. 21

One unfortunate reality of starting a website-based business is, you won’t always attract visitors that easily no matter how hard you work or how good you try to optimize things. Website traffic is a tricky beast, with a mixture of obstacles thrown in the way such as fake traffic, botnets, and a host of other problems that can affect your website’s ranking. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways for an honest business person to grow their website and a natural traffic base. We’ve compiled a variety of tips to help you generate more natural content to your site, and to help raise your business’s overall engagements. 


This first tip is so simple, it almost goes without saying. You’d be surprised, however, to learn how many websites and even businesses ignore the critically important step of advertising themselves. Advertising is critical for any business, as it helps to build not just consumer and demographic engagement; but helps to create your overall brand identity as well. One way to have your advertisements do well online, and in turn generate web traffic for yourself; is to use high-target search words or, “commercial intent keywords.” These search terms are tied to real-world trends or events and will net you larger customer engagement as a result of using them. The list and guides can be found online.

Getting Social Media

While producing both great content for your website, as well as good advertisements is a solid beginning; you’ll need to also use social media channels to their full potential to generate more traffic for yourself. Twitter is ideal for promoting your website, as its content is based on brief, snappy tweets and selling points. Instagram Marketing is another great app for self-promotions, as you can hotlink your website directly in your bio and attract customers with interesting, exclusive content. There’s a variety of social media sites to experiment with, so try to troubleshoot and find which one works best for your company and team.

Write Great Headlines and Copy

While some might call it ‘clickbait,’ it can’t be argued that a grabbing headline goes a long way. Without an interesting or compelling headline, even the most detailed or comprehensive blog post or site page will go unread. This is why mastering writing headlines is so important to the success of your website. In fact; it’s not uncommon for many working in web media to spend a large amount of their time and attention to their headline. Whatever the case, grabbing, interesting copy will take you a long way compared to generic or unexciting web posts.

Remember to Optimize for Search Engines

One of the most important factors in generating traffic to your website is optimizing your client for search engines. SEO or Search Engine Optimization; refers to the task of using keywords, using alt image text, and using internal links in order to optimize your content for search engines. This is important, as sites that follow SEO rankings, protocols, and policies closely are often better advertised or represented in search engine lists. Adding SEO-compliant content goes a long way in generating site traffic for yourself.

Can’t Think of Content? Invite Guest Blogs

One issue facing website owners is a fear of collaboration. Many forget that a website can be a two-way street of beneficial, mutual collaboration. By allowing guest writings or guest blogs on your website, you’re inviting people interested in your niche to write content for you. This is important, as your guest blogger may help you when writer’s block strikes; or by presenting a new viewpoint or idea that you or your team may not have heard of previously. 

Take Advantage of Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is exactly as it sounds. It’s the traffic you receive when another blog, website, or service recommends your site or blog. Let’s say, for example, you have a blog about rare comic books. If Seth uses your site to reference a value for a comic book he found on your blog, he would likely include a referral link to your site. Not online does this bolster Seth’s own credentials, it provides traffic you wouldn’t have otherwise had. Consider adding a notice to your site encouraging referral traffic, or reach out to other blogs or sites similar to yours to inquire about collaboration.

Work on Responsiveness and Optimization

Making sure your website is both fast and responsive on both a connection level and an app level is important. If customers need to wait long periods to access your site, they’re much more likely to stop working with you and go to a competitor instead. You need to also make sure your site is comfortably viewable and accessible across a range of devices, including smartphones and tablets. Optimization will help you reach a larger demographic than before and keep your website working at top performance; giving your customers the best possible results.

There’s a collection of other important factors to site creation, they mainly revolve around ideas previously discussed below. Whatever the case, you’ll see it’s important for your site to foster both a sense of community as well as providing optimized, responsive web design to ensure your customers receive the best care possible. You need to do more than just build a site, it needs to be heavily promoted and maintained as well.


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