Email Marketing Tips for your Restaurant

18 Sep. 21

For smaller and local businesses, as well as restaurants and cafes; email marketing is one of the cheaper options available for businesses looking to start their own digital marketing campaigns. However, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to email marketing for your restaurant. Email marketing is great for helping any business grow, so knowing the right practices for email marketing in your niche is critically important for maximizing not only your company’s revenue but the engagements and interactions of your customers. Let’s break down some of the simple ways you and your team can grow your emailing lists, send out better email campaigns, and in turn; get more customers coming to your restaurant to spend money.

Growing your Email List

Before you follow any other tip on our list, you need to begin growing your list of customer emails. Growing this list is a long-term and often challenging aspect for any business, as most customers are often quite reticent when it comes to giving away any sort of personal information. Thankfully, there are a variety of software available which can help you with what’s known as lead creation. Lead creation refers to the simple process of aggregating and segmenting your data into specific demographics. From there, you can use these demographics to find niche audiences, launch specific products or services, or begin targeted marketing campaigns for specific demographics. This helps you reach new portions of these niche demographics, which in turn raises your overall customer count.

Utilize a Lead Magnet

When creating a marketing campaign, having a list is only half the process. You also need what’s known as a lead magnet. A lead magnet is simply any promotion, offer, piece of information, discount, or incentive which gets a customer to choose your business over your competitors. Even if you’re struggling to come up with a great lead magnet, there’s plenty of resources online to help you decide what you can offer to your customers. Whatever you choose, make sure your lead magnet is enough to motivate your customers to sign up for your mailing lists.

Use an Email Service Provider

Email service providers are useful platforms for storing and organizing the various email lists your business will use to promote itself. For restaurants, this is a great way to organize your email campaigns and begin creating relationships with new, potential customers. Some of the top email service providers include Constant Contact, Sendinblue, and Drip. Many of these programs come with free trials, meaning your business can test this software out before making any purchasing decisions.

Use Email in Your Other Marketing Channels

You shouldn’t rely just on email when it comes to your digital marketing. But folding your email content into other marketing channels like social media or your website, you can begin to generate new leads and customers much more easily. There are several programs available designed to help you with folding your marketing strategies into each other. Regardless of how you choose to combine your marketing channels; it’s clear you need more than just an email campaign to get noticed in the digital world.

Target your Ideal Audience

There’s a big difference between a target audience and an ideal audience. A target audience is simply any specific audience you’re trying to reach with targeted advertising. For an ideal audience, however, you’re aiming to get the customers you want to most support your business. Identifying and differentiating these two drastically different markets can be difficult for smaller businesses. This is why finding your ideal audience is so important and should be one of the earliest goals of your marketing campaign: identifying these ideal customers and finding ways to attract them.

Send Frequent Promotions

Nothing gets customers flocking to a business quite like promotions, sales, and discounts. These are simple incentives to fit into your overall business plan, and it can have great results. Whether you’re offering customers a few dollars off specific purchases, or announcing a new product and pre-sale event; be sure to use your email marketing abilities to convey this to your customers. It can make a huge difference.

Collect and Use Customer Feedback

For restaurants especially, feedback and reviews can make or break your business. Bad reviews should be seen just as positively as your good reviews. This is because even negative feedback allows you a chance to improve your business and do a better job for your customers in the future. By being pragmatic about the feedback from your customers, you continuously better your business while fostering an atmosphere of personal accountability and problem-solving. 


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