Digital River: Features, Price, and its API Integration

30 Jun. 22

When you run your e-commerce website or platform, many business owners are only primarily concerned with the front-end of their business; how their shop looks, and how their products are presented. However, having a sufficient backend for your e-commerce shop is also important. Your backend is any portion of your program you use that the user does not directly access, and Digital River is a software suite designed to provide powerful backend services for your e-commerce business. Digital River’s integration also means you can use it as your single point of contact & integration, getting rid of the need for multiple vendors. If you’re looking for a way to put your brand on the map and keep it there, then Digital River is for you! Let’s explore its vast features, pricing, and it’s API Integration that allows the seamless use of its application.

Digital River Payment Gateway Features



Given Digital River is a full backend software solution suite, they offer commerce integration for a variety of tasks such as global payments, fraud detection, tax, and sales compliance. Let’s cover more of their features below:


  • Customer accounts, access management, and activity monitoring.
  • Data security for debit, credit card, and financial transactions; as well as encryption for personal data.
  • Fraud & anomaly detection.
  • Billing & invoice as well as archiving and retention of purchase histories for individual clients.
  • Compliance tracking, as well as incident reporting & management software.
  • Multiple payment options, mobile payments, and online payments.
  • Auditing and PCI compliance tools.
  • Data mapping & organization.


The Pricing of Digital River


Now let’s discuss the cost of Digital River. While Digital River does offer a free trial for all users, some of its features such as compliance and fraud tools are behind a paywall for free users. For those curious about purchasing and licensing the full version of Digital River, pricing is based on a quotation model which is available upon request from Digital River’s sales team.

The Digital River API Integration



Similar to many e-commerce websites, Digital River uses a RESTful API. This allows Digital River’s application programming interface to retrieve, create, update, and delete objects on its server which are HTTP files. This can be accomplished with the GET, POST, and DELETE commands. The Digital River API also allows its users to launch in a test environment in order to test without interfering with other vendors, institutions, or programs. The Digital River API also exclusively supports JSON, meaning each content-type header will require “application/json” to ensure the API processes your Digital River requests. 

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