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6 Ways Field Service Management Software Can Boost Revenue, Productivity, and Give Your Business an Edge

21 Jul. 20
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While almost all field-based service businesses now use mobile devices and computers in their line of work, many still rely on older, manual methods to track things like inventory, job status, work orders, employees, and idle resources. These manual processes hamper employee productivity, as manual entry of data and reporting takes up a ton of time and is inefficient. One way to get around this and boost productivity, increase revenue, and gain an edge is to use field service management software. This provides a digital solution that helps automate portions of your business and increases visibility on idle resources, inventory, and active fleet vehicles.

Why Invest in Field Service Management Software?

In field service business, it is the technician and the dispatcher that plays a crucial role in how excellent your customer service is as a whole. With excellent customer service comes loyalty, customer retention, new business opportunities, business growth, and brand awareness. If your work orders are delayed, your technicians sit idle, or your dispatchers are unaware of job service times, your customer relations may dip. A modern solution for this is field service management software, which provides your field service technicians with all the tools they need to understand a job, provide the best service possible, and be efficient about it.

Field service app development has exploded in recent years because it connects the most important parts of service-based businesses and helps you properly deliver to your customers. Investing in this type of software will help you increase employee productivity, reduce waste, monitor trends and forecasts, improve team collaboration and communication, and increase customer satisfaction. With this said, here are 6 ways that field service management software can help you.

  • Automate Scheduling & Dispatching + Reduce Downtime. A custom field service app is going to allow you to automate your scheduling and dispatching of technicians and fleet trucks. This reduces costs and technician downtime. By using a mobile app, technicians have immediate access to all job-related information, ensuring that efficiency is a top priority.
  • Track Fleets & Increase Customer Satisfaction. Having a mobile app created for GPS fleet tracking is crucial for field service businesses as it gives you the ability to track job status and address idle resources in real-time. With fleet tracking, you can ensure that technicians are working on assigned jobs and it gives dispatchers the ability to deploy available fleets to new jobs. It can also optimize travel time to jobs which reduces operational costs and your business’ carbon footprint. By having fleet trucks promptly deployed, you increase customer satisfaction as wait times decrease.
  • Make Team Collaboration Easier. Communication between back office employees and field service technicians can be difficult to manage because of location and the need to always have people in-field. To help in this department, you need web applications and mobile apps to leverage the ability to communicate over long distances. By custom designing a field service app, you can address this pain point by giving employees the ability to collaborate with one another. Back office employees can help process purchase orders and technicians can report delays, both of which improves on business communication and productivity. You can go a step further and even integrate virtual reality to support remote diagnostics and system maintenance for technicians that can’t quite get to in-field jobs.
  • Provide Insight Into Inventory Management. Inventory can be a difficult beast to manage. Without proper inventory control and management, a lot of chaos and disorganization can ensue which will hurt your bottom line, make it difficult for employees to do their job, and be costly to the business when materials go missing or are doubled up on. By using mobile app development, you can keep tabs on your materials, what is available, and which items are your best-selling tickets. You can also keep track of what needs to be restocked, which technicians use the most stock, and even gain insight into business trends.
  • Aid In Positively Handling Customer Relations. Every business has two main objectives when providing products or services, and these objectives are to gain customers (acquisition) and retain them (retention). If your business suffers from a lot of late appointments, cancelled appointments, or double bookings, you are probably losing a lot of customers who are seeking services elsewhere as a result. This can be prevented by using field service app development to create automated scheduling and provide real-time updates to dispatchers and technicians. If you provide your customers with the ability to track where your technicians are in real-time, this can improve customer relations.
  • Improve Work Order Management. Unfortunately for businesses, many still rely on old out-of-date management software or paper forms to create and schedule work orders. This can delay jobs if the forms get lost or improper data is inputted into the software. This can lead to more operational costs as you try to make up for lost time. By using custom mobile app development, you can have customized work order management software designed specifically to eliminate paper-based field services which will streamline how your business operates. A field service app will automate how work orders are captured and processed, ensuring that your team is notified immediately and real-time updates are given. When a work order is updated or completed, the data is captured, collected, and can be accessed from anywhere. This improves the efficiency of your business and your employees.

By investing into field service app development and management software, your business can overcome the unique challenges it faces within the field while becoming more efficient and cost-effective. Not only can you reduce your operational costs and improve your cash flow, but a field service solution will help you establish better relationships with your employees and your customers.

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