Voice Assistants for Enterprises

Voice Assistants for Enterprises

Our expertise in custom voice-based skills development and voice enabled applications integration with existing web and mobile apps help organizations with increased work efficiency and productivity. We understand the needs of an enterprise and develop intelligent voice assistants that are perfect fit to improve productivity and experience in meeting rooms availability, conference calls, work desks and recreational areas.

Voice Assistants for Consumers

Voice Assistants for Consumers

With voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri are becoming ubiquitous, we are focusing to find more innovative ways to integrate them into consumer space. We integrate voice based assistants for end consumer solutions like On demand taxi booking, salon appointment booking, etc. Our Voice team develops custom voice skills using relevant SDKs and 3rd party business APIs using which business can integrate personalized voice skills for their consumers.

Voice Assistants Integration with IoT

Voice Assistants Integration with IoT

We provide unmatched voice based assistant development and integration with IoT applications and platforms. Our Voice team has developed voice-based solutions for Smart home using Raspberry Pi through which users can control voice-activated home appliances like lightings, thermostats and home entertainment gadgets like interactive gaming and Fire TV. We, at Let’s Nurture, develop voice applications with the best voice-user interface (VUI) which enhances consumer experience.

Amazon Alexa Skills Development for Echo, Echo Dot

Amazon Alexa Skills Development for Echo, Echo Dot

Alexa Skill Integration Alexa Voice Service ASK Development Echo App Development

“Alexa, book a taxi for me.”- Alexa will open up the respective taxi booking application and order a taxi for your providing ultimate conversational experience. It is that simple. With dominance of Amazon Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers usage globally, we insist our clients to go for custom Alexa skill development. Our Alexa skill developers are proficient in programming languages Node.js and Python with technologies like ASK, Atom, AWS Lambda, Azure Cloud and AWS services like S3 and CloudWatch. With quality Amazon Echo app development and design services, we try re-imaging customer experiences while enabling voice-driven computing.


  • Custom Alexa Skills Design
  • Custom Alexa Skills Development
  • Alexa Voice Service (AVS)
  • Enterprise Alexa Skills Development
  • Alexa Echo App Development
  • Alexa Application Prototyping
  • Alexa for Smart Home Automation
  • Alexa for Smart Office Integration
  • Alexa for Hotel Management
  • Expert Alexa App Consultation
  • Alexa Skills Integration with Android/ iOS
  • Alexa Skills Integration with Web Apps
Action on Google (AoG) Development for Google Home

Action on Google (AoG) Development for Google Home

Android Things Integration Conversation API Firebase Google Assistant Google Assistant Intent

Our expertise in Actions for Google leveraging voice first technology will give wings to your business. With second highest market share in Smart Speaker domain, Google is predicted to take over Amazon Alexa in a couple of years. This dictates that now is the time to leverage the ever growing demand of Google voice assistant technology and Google Home. We develop and integrate tailor-made, intuitive and interactive Actions on Google for your existing or new mobile apps and also help in launching them. Our AoG developers are well versed with technologies like Dialogflow, Node.js, Deep link Discovery, etc. to build rich applications with quality voice UX.


  • Custom Google Action Development
  • Action on Google (AoG) Integration with Android
  • AoG Integration with Web Applications
  • Google Actions Integration with IoT Applications
  • Google Places API Integration
  • Action on Google (AoG) Testing
  • Actions on Google (AoG) for Home Automation
  • Android Things Starter Kit Integration
  • Custom Google Actions for Healthcare
  • Actions on Google (AoG) for Automobiles
  • AoG Solutions for Lifestyle & Entertainment
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Apple’s Voice Assistant- SiriKit Development

Apple’s Voice Assistant- SiriKit Development

We code intuitive and flawless Siri voice assistant applications using SiriKit framework. Our Apple’s Siri voice assistant applications developers are masters in Cocoa Touch and Intents UI frameworks, Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand and interpret user voice commands into text and recommend appropriate answer or actions. Our Apple development team also has experience in using INExtension and App Extensions to make applications communicate with Siri. We also have worked on the latest iOS12 feature- Siri Shortcuts, when integrated with an App, Siri directly recommends the App Name with details upon similar voice queries. Our experienced SiriKit Developers will be working closely with our VUI and strategist team to bring your voice skill to life through prototyping and rigorous testing.


  • Siri Voice Assistant Applications Development
  • Apple’s Siri Voice Assistant Design
  • SiriKit SDK Development
  • INExtensions & App Extension Implementation
  • Apple SiriKit Integration with Existing iOS Apps
  • Siri Interaction Setup with Messaging Apps
  • Siri Voice Assistants Apps for Payment
  • Siri Voice Assistant Apps for Ride Booking
  • Siri Voice Assistant Apps for Healthcare & Fitness
  • Siri Voice Assistant Apps Testing
Voice Assisted Web App Development

Voice Assisted Web App Development

Let’s Nurture is the best web app development company with 10+ years of experience. Pioneering in voice assistant technology, we are catering custom voice-driven web applications development services. Our expert web development team are proficient in JavaScript based Web Speech API implementation for enabling speech input and text-to-speech in almost all web browsers. Hire voice team from us who are well versed with VoiceXML, Angular.JS, Node.js languages which are widely used in voice assisted web applications using speech recognition support- just like Apple’s Siri.


  • Custom voice assisted web app development
  • Google Search API Integration
  • JS based Web Speech API Integration
  • Third Party Voice Assisted API Integration
  • Voice-based Form Filling Assistant
  • Voice Assisted Web Navigation App Development

Leading industries we have worked with

Retail Retail
E-commerce E-commerce
Home Services and Utilities Home Services and Utilities
Finance Finance
Health and Fitness Health and Fitness
Education Education
Travel and Hospitality Travel and Hospitality
Food and Beverage Food and Beverage
Sports Sports
Real Estate Real Estate
Enterprise and B2B Enterprise and B2B
Information Technology Information Technology

Portfolio Check our recent work here

Check My BMI - Google Home Action by Let’s Nurture Check My BMI - Google Home Action by Let’s Nurture
StyleKonnect StyleKonnect
Movie Pedia - Alexa Skill by Let’s Nurture Movie Pedia - Alexa Skill by Let’s Nurture
TicketOnSale TicketOnSale


Q: Who will have access to my data with Let's Nurture?

A: Let's Nurture takes the privacy of your data and custom data seriously. Without a valid customer support reason or express written permission from a customer, Let's Nurture will not access your data under any circumstance.

Q: Which personnel works with cloud security at Let's Nurture?

A: Personnel working with cloud security are specifically defined and approved by Let's Nurture. They utilize secure virtual desktop environments which allow them to safely utilize cloud storage and security tools.

Q: How often does Let's Nurture back up my data?

A: Backups are performed both digitally to the cloud and to a physical hard drive on a weekly basis, with additional backups occasionally being performed on a daily basis if needed. These backups are typically kept for 30 days.

Q: Does Let's Nurture utilize encryption?

A: Yes, when storing data Let's Nurture utilizes database-level encryption to protect data within the cloud, as well as transit level encryption to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and possible data leaks.

Q: Does Let's Nurture handle my software updates and patches?

A: Yes, in addition to monitoring your cloud security and storage; Let's Nurture will also maintain and support the regular updates and patches for your software in order to keep your data safe and prevent possible security flaws by hackers or bad actors.

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