Voice enabled BMI calculator

Check My BMI – Google Home Action by Let’s Nurture


A body fatness has been an cardinal psychosocial issue among humans for millennia and now people have got more awareness about their health related solutions so the body mass index called as BMI, is the metric widely used for defining anthropometric height/weight characteristics of an adult and for categorizing them into different groups.

Check My BMI action falls under category of Health and Fitness in Google Assistant. The Google Home Developers of Let’s Nurture has developed an action which is used to check BMI by only asking height and weight of the user. It provides information as a BMI score to the user. The BMI score is only applicable to adults. The indicative BMI number does not guarantee your personal health.

To check BMI, user has to ask “Talk to check my BMI” it will ask for height and weight. The user has to provide height and weight and based on BMI calculation it will provide BMI result to the user. Check my BMI supports following devices:

  • Google Home
  • Android 5.0+ phones
  • Android 6.0+ TVs
  • iOS 10.0+ devices
  • Chromebook.

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