Online Food Ordering/Delivery App Platform


Parcel is an ultimate online food ordering and delivery platform available for all the craving food lovers. It is developed on all platforms- Website, Android and iOS.

About Parcel

Parcel, an online food ordering and delivery app, is an on demand mobile app solution with a vision to provide a platform to order food while sitting at home from the best restaurants of the city. Purpose of this application is to provide a platform to Customers, Food Delivery Boy, Restaurant Owner and Restaurant Employee for convenient food ordering and delivery.

Online Food Ordering/Delivery App Platform

Parcel is a mobile food delivery marketplace platform that allows end users to select from local restaurants and place food orders via its mobile application as well as its website. Five different types of user in this model are: Customer, Delivery boy, Restaurant Owner, Restaurant Employee and Super Admin.

  • Customer search nearby restaurants and select
  • Attractive Menu and easy selection process
  • User friendly Food cart and Payment Process
  • Real-time Tracking of food delivery via GPS on map
  • Live Chat using XMPP for customers
  • Geo-fence for real-time notification for delivery
  • Ratings and reviews

Delivery Boy, Restaurant Owner and employees

  • Accept/Reject/View orders (Order management)
  • Restaurant and Menu management
  • Order tracking and update (order is accepted, cooked, ready for delivery, out for delivery)
  • Add/Remove/Manage employees

Super Admin

  • Manage users, drivers, restaurants, discounts, membership, payments
  • Content management
  • Able to track all orders and sales with payments and transactions

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