Your Small Business Guide to Clubhouse

08 Apr. 21

Clubhouse is the next up-and-coming social media platform. Right now it is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Although, it is rising tremendously to match the popularity of big social media giants like Facebook and Instagram despite it’s invite online platform. We will be discussing how to use Clubhouse and some ways you can use it to support your and your small business.

How to get invited into the app?

One of the ways to get invited into Clubhouse is by downloading the app and signing up for the waitlist. When you sign up for the waitlist you can reserve your username and add your number. By adding your number it lets those in your contacts who are already members of the app know that you are interested in getting in. Then it is all just a waiting game. Some of your connections already in the app could let you in, but it might take time. It could take a couple of months or hours. Do not worry though, Clubhouse will notify you when one of your peers has invited you in.

Another way is to simply ask a friend to let you in. Although, by signing up for the waitlist, it does not use up your friend’s invite credits. Initially you only get two invites when you get into the app, but as you use the app and interact with it, you will get more invite credits.

For more info on how the waitlist works visit “How Does Clubhouse Waitlist Work”

Source: Nerds Chalk


How does the app work?

The most popular social media platforms right now rely on visual content such as video and images. Clubhouse describes itself as a drop-in audio chat platform. This means that Clubhouse is more audio-centered and conversation-based. They do this through the use of rooms.

What are rooms?

Rather than posting content, the way to interact with people on Clubhouse is to join rooms. Sometimes rooms are hosted by clubs that focus on a specific interest and when you join a room, usually you do not have any speaking capabilities and that you are merely a listener. In the room people are split into three categories: the moderators, the speakers and the listeners.

The moderator made the room and has control of who can speak, but the moderator role can also be assigned by the original creator of the room. The moderator’s role is to guide the conversation and give or remove people’s speaking capabilities.

When you join the room you are not usually granted speaker capabilities, but you can use the raise hand function (?) to ask questions or add to the conversation. By doing this, the moderator of the room will determine whether they want to give you a chance to talk by assigning you as a speaker and unmuting you.

Another symbol to look out for is the ‘+” symbol. With this symbol you can invite friends to join the room by simplifying clicking the symbol and pinging them.

We suggest joining a couple of rooms first and before starting your own room. You do not necessarily have to talk, but it will allow you to get a better grasp on how the app works. When you do get into the room, you will see a party celebration symbol (?) next to your image. The symbol is to indicate to others that you are new to the Clubhouse. The party celebration symbol (?) will be present for your first 7 days in the app.

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What can you do to set up your profile?

Without having content for people to get to know you, it is all based on what your profile looks like.

Some things you can do to set up your profile is to:

  • Add a profile picture that shows your face clearly
  • Follow people you know already on the platform
  • Introduce yourself by adding a bio about your professional background and interests
  • Connect your Twitter and Instagram
  • Search your interest and follow some clubs – they host rooms that are related to the interest of the club

If you are looking for more information on how to use Clubhouse check out this article by Hubspot.

Source: Hubspot

How can you use it for your small business

  • Build Connections

Even though the rooms on Clubhouse sometimes have hundreds to thousands of people. When an opportunity is given to speak up. Raising a hand to speak to speak is still a great opportunity to make a name for yourself and get your story out there. It will help build meaningful connections with others that could provide more opportunities for you and your business.

  • Learn from professionals

There are many high profile professionals on Clubhouse, and the intimate audio setting allows speakers to really share some useful insights. You can even just listen or raise your hand. By raising your hand you can ask anything from the best of the best advice which is something you might not receive if you were in a large publicized in-person conference or even a zoom panel. 

  • Give back to the community 

You could also build your own community related to your interest and industry by creating your own club. It will allow you to build even more meaningful connections and give others insight on your experience. In turn, by providing guidance to others, you can learn something from them as well.

With all the knowledge you gained about Clubhouse, it’s time to put it into action. Download it now and register to get a chance to become part of one of the most exclusive social media apps out there.

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