Best Practices When Hosting a Social Media Giveaway

08 Apr. 21

Hosting social media giveaways can be a tiresome experience when you have not hosted one before. We as a digital marketing agency have been helping various small businesses with increasing their give-away return on investment. You may ask what is the best way to hold a giveaway? How should I write the rules? How long should the giveaway last? How often should I remind people? We will be going through things to consider when hosting a social media giveaway.

  • Be clear on how to enter the giveaway rules

Set out the giveaway guidelines clearly. One of the best ways to do this is to number the ways people can enter the giveaway and order it from the activity that takes the least amount of time to the most.

Usually, giveaways start with asking people to like the post, follow certain accounts and leave a comment. Ordering it this way allows your audience not to overthink about entering. Liking a post can be easily done while commenting takes more time and energy which might lead people to procrastinate from entering or not at all.

  • Design an engaging and attention seeking visual

The giveaway post has to grab your audience’s attention as they scroll. There are so many posts on people’s feeds everyday, so it’s important that your post states the purpose of your post clearly and gets your message across.

Also, if your post runs for a couple of days. Make sure that the post is designed in a way that it is clearly visible in your feed so that it is easy to find when you are promoting it again for people to enter. 

  • Keep the duration of your content short. 

Usually, short giveaways do much better on social media. We suggest running giveaways from three days to a maximum of two weeks. When a contest runs too long, your audience might forget about it as your giveaway will lose its visibility as time passes. So it is best to keep it short. 

  • Remind people about your contest on a regular basis

When your content is hosted for a short duration of fewer than 5 days, it would be best that you remind your audience every day. Although, if you are running your contest over a span of 2 weeks, an every other day approach would be best so that your audience won’t get annoyed with constant reminders about it. 

  • Be transparent on how the winners are selected and where it will be announced

Lastly, be transparent on how winners are chosen. In addition to the contest rules, your giveaway should include when it will close, if it is eligible for only those in a specific region, and how the winner will be announced and reached out to for their prize.

Stating this information will allow for clear transparency in the process of how winners are chosen and will hold you to an accountable timeline as well so that nothing is left to chance and your audience knows what process to follow to see if they win or not.

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