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You Can Build Your Very Own App For Tracking Your Habits – Here’s How That’s Possible

15 May. 20
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When it comes to staying motivated in life, a person often needs that extra push or that nudge in order to move forward. That is where wellness and life coaching apps come into the picture. In today’s world, everyone has their phone in their hands pretty much at all times; therefore the easiest way one can keep a track of their habits is by using these apps on their phones. Because of these popular life coaching and health motivation apps, people get to take time out from their busy routines and try to incorporate these healthy and mindfulness habits into their daily lives. This is great news for people who are mobile app developers since they are always working towards building apps that will be useful and helpful in the lives of the users.

In this article, we will be reviewing one of those habit tracker apps in more detail. Plenty of people have been using the ‘Fabulous’ app, which is a great app for health motivation and keeping a track of your habits, which helps a user add healthy habits into their lives. This review is coming from the perspective of a developer, who tested this app for a couple of days. What makes ‘Fabulous’ the most-used and such a popular app for your mobile and how can it be further improved?

Detailed Review Of The ‘Fabulous’ App – Is It Worth The Hype?

‘Fabulous – Motivate Me!’ the mobile app comes with a pleasant design, a user-friendly interactive look, and a couple of very smart features. This app promises that it will help in improving your life right from the very first day you start to use it. However, it can be a struggle to add healthy habits into one’s routine and it is not always an easy process; hence a lot of the people have failed in this endeavour.

The purpose of this app is to place a virtual coach into the phones and lives of its users, whose actions are actually backed by science. However, a lot of the health motivation apps make these kinds of promises, but not a lot of these apps can actually execute those promises. So was this app able to fulfil all that? Read on to find out.

Once the user has set up their account on this app, the next couple of steps are pretty easy. Using this habit app is simple and not complicated at all. If the user ever finds themselves stuck during the process, the app sends notifications in order to help them move from one step then to the next, until they learn how everything works in the app. This app has great UX and UI; hence there should not be an issue when it comes to understanding the app.

Pros Of The ‘Fabulous’ App:

  1. This app helps in guiding its users through various journeys, depending on what their goals are. For instance, the app focuses on helping their users with their sleep habits, having more focus, losing or maintaining weight, and so much more.
  2. The app also contains numerous other built-in habit trackers and recommendations that the users can add to their routine. For instance, there are trackers for meditation, drinking water, writing a To-Do list, and there’s also one that reminds the user to call their parents, to name a few.
  3. This app also offers its user reminders that are based on research. Plus, the app also guides its users in order to help them reach their established goals.

 Cons Of The ‘Fabulous’ App:

  1. For new users, this app has limited onboarding challenges that are available to use.
  2. When it comes to writing their To-Do list, the user has to write it in their notebook. The better option would have been to directly write the To-Do list in the app itself.
  3. The user is able to work only on a single habit at a time.
  4. This app sends way too many notifications. However, the user can deactivate these notifications by going into the app settings of their phones.

How Do The Other Apps Compare With The ‘Fabulous’ App? Are They Better Or Pretty Much The Same?

The ‘Fabulous’ App might be a great life coach and wellness app; however, there are some serious competitors in the market, in both Google Play and the Apple Store. Certain apps like ‘Way Of Life’, ‘Headspace’, and ‘Habitica’ are extremely popular with the users. Plus, each one of these apps has their own uniqueness, which sets them apart from the other apps with similar aspects. Listed below are some of these apps.



This app is known for its extremely friendly UI. Plus, the voice used in this app is of the app’s founder, Andy Puddicombe, who takes the users through pretty much all of the meditation sessions. This shows the developers’ hard work in creating the app that has a personal touch, which will resonate with its users.



This app has added the fun of role-playing into its features. In the app, the user gets to create their own avatar that gets upgraded, equip, and goes on quests with the user when they stick to their actual To-Do lists. Moreover, the app also uses pixel art as part of its UI, which is sure to create a nostalgic factor for certain users.

Way Of Life


For every data lover out there, this app keeps it simple for them. In the app, the user can set for themselves customizable challenges and notifications. Plus, they can keep a track of their progress for a longer time period and see how well they are going in their own dashboard.



This app focuses on the big picture and comes with a holistic approach. It helps the user set their goals up and match their everyday goals with what they are looking to accomplish in the long run. In addition to tracking the activities of the user, this app also helps in tracking their mood and recommends content streaks in order to help the user improve and better themselves.



This app is specifically created for the iOS ecosystem. Moreover, thanks to its flexible features and simple UI, the app has an uncomplicated and basic setup that allows the user to easily set their habit goals, their tasks, when they should get notified, and checking things off of their To-Do list.

How You Can Create Your Very Own Habit Tracker App

There is no doubt that the ‘Fabulous’ app is a remarkable habit tracker app, and users have enjoyed using it. However, just like any other app, this app is not perfect and has flaws here and there. After using this app for a couple of days, including the competitors’ apps as well, there were certain aspects that stood out. Our developers started to think about what features should be in a habit tracker app in order to make it the best one in the market. Listed below are the features that would surely take any habit tracker app to the next level when included inside one.


A Habit App Needs To Be Easy To Pick Up

When it comes to the health and wellness app development, users want an app that is easy to pick up for them. These users have made a decision to make a positive change in their lives, and at times that can be a difficult decision to make. Despite this change being a positive one, there are still chances of creating friction. However, there are numerous features that, when brought together, can help in smoothing out these changes.

  1. An app that creates a positive onboarding experience excites the user before they begin their journey and sets the right expectations for them.
  2. An app that offers flexibility when it comes to the habits and goals the user is able to track. The users would like and prefer to customize those habits and goals according to what they are looking to achieve. Plus, the users also want to set up the notifications according to their needs, including opportunities to cover up any missed check-ins.
  3. An app that is mindful about the time a user is able to spend on it. Everyone has a hectic and busy lifestyle, and not all of the users have time to spend half an hour on an app. People are looking for ways to change their lives for the better by using as little time as they possibly can, so they can squeeze it into their routines. Therefore, during a habit tracker app development, the developers need to be mindful and transparent regarding the time commitment that they are asking of their users by giving them several options to choose from.

Gamification Helps In Keeping The Health Motivation

The reason why all of these habit tracking apps are so popular and used by many is that they help the users in tracking their progress and at the same time it makes them feel good about themselves. So, whether it is an upgraded avatar, an all-green dashboard, or a week-long streak, all of the habit tracking apps mentioned in this article have unique ways through which they show their users all the progress that they are making.

Furthermore, how you position yourself as a product and what the users identify as a positive validation is going to influence the shape that gamification takes inside your product.

 There Needs To Be Room Inside A Habit Tracker App For A Support System For Its Users

According to several studies, having a support system can massively help and make things easier when it comes to going through changes, managing stress, and staying healthy in the long run. Hence, a habit tracking app, one that was created with the goal of helping others convert their ideas of self-care into a morning routine, should not be aiming to replace that. Instead, during the app development process, the developers can add the feature that allows the user to create their own support system within the app.

  1. Firstly, an ideal habit tracking and wellness app need to have social features, such as the option to invite friends who can also use the app, compare goals and habits, plus support and challenge each other. These features are going to help the users stick to the habits that they have assigned to themselves; hence the product will grow its user base.
  2. The content marketing needs to be more human-focused, plus it should happen on the product’s social channels and the website. This can turn into both a source of achievement and also engagement.
  3. Private or public online events also have the potential of becoming a space where all the users get to support one another.

It Is Absolutely Possible To Build A Habit Tracking App That’s Great


It is evident that a lot of these recommendations aren’t product-focused. However, the quicker you realize that the ideal habit tracking apps recognize that the user is not limited to their interaction with the app, the more chances you would have of succeeding.

Hence, this is how one approaches creating a health motivation app, just like ‘Fabulous’. Indeed, it also depends on the wants and needs of the client, but one should be open and ready to make changes in their process in order to help the brands reach the goals they have intended for themselves.

If you are an app developer and are thinking of improving or building a similar type of habit tracker product or mental health app, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any product related questions or even ideas. You can browse our website and take a look at our previous work. If you are ready to build your very own habit tracker and wellness app and believe that we are the perfect fit for your brand, then do send us a message. We would love to help you out in this new journey and turn your app developing scheme into a reality.

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