Why your Restaurant Needs Delivery and Online Orders?

04 Aug. 21

It’s almost unfathomable that in today’s day and age, restaurants can exist without an online menu and delivery system. One recent Statista study noted that in 2020, over 760 million users were using online services for ordering food and take out. That’s a 20% increase from 2019. And with ordering growing to be 300% faster than dine in traffic, many restaurants are embracing the online age. However, going through a third party like Grubhub or Ubereats can eat up your earnings in high commission rates. To prevent this, you’ll need to set up a system so your customers can order directly from you! In fact, 70% of consumers prefer ordering directly from a restaurant as oppose to a third party app. Aside from all these reasons, here’s a list of other tips and reasons why your restaurant needs an online ordering system!

Driving More Revenue

Before any other reason, the main benefit of having an online ordering system is the overall increase in revenue. In fact, restaurants who offer online ordering get 32% more orders on average than those who only accept phone or in-store orders. Moreover, people are likely to spend 30% above average on their online food bills compared to if they bought at your location. They don’t feel as rushed online, which lets your consumer order at their own pace and feel more inclined to browse your full menu; leading them to spend more on the overall transaction.

Capturing Valuable Customer Data and Analytics

Another way an in-house ordering system is valuable is it helps you to collect and categorize your customer data into a customer relationship management system (CRM). This lets you use this data for things like targeted marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, and new product launches. It can be incredibly beneficial to repeating customer sales and bringing regulars to your business. It provides you with an overall insight into your customers purchases, preferences, and budgets when doing business with your brand. This data is invaluable in a market that’s flooded in competition and should be used to its maximum potential.

In 2021, its an Industry Standard

More than ever, convenience is at the top of the list of customer expectations. Because of this, its almost an expectation and industry standard at this point to offer some form of online ordering for your website. QSR Magazine found that 70% of guest expect a restaurant to not only offer online ordering, but for it to be easy to navigate and with a full menu. It should also be designed with a mobile-first philosophy, since the majority of your users will be on mobile devices. In a Post-COVID world, contactless delivery and curbside pickup are other expectations your team will be expected to meet on top of online ordering and delivery.

It Increases the Accuracy of your Orders

Not only does enabling online orders increase business, it also increases the accuracy of your orders as well. This is important, as it helps you from experiencing order errors which can lead to both food waste or frustrated customers. Additionally, online order tickets let you know from the customers themselves of any allergy notifications or ingredient modifications they may need to safely eat your food. An integrated ordering system is the best case for ensuring customers get the food they want, with the safe ingredients they need.

It Reduces Time & Labour Costs

One thing you’ll notice upon accepting online orders is the rhythm your team will find itself in. Instead of spending time on the phone, your team will have their orders sent directly to them which reduces time they need to spend communicating with customers. Moreover, you don’t need to deal with the possibility of losing phone customers due to poor service, disconnections, or other possible telecommunications issues.

It Helps Boost your Online Presence

Another additional perk to an online order system, is that it helps to increase your restaurants overall position on the internet. In fact, there has been a 285% increase in the past year alone from searches related to take out restaurants, particularly in local areas. Adding online ordering can help you get noticed through search engines like Bing and Google, and by being online you open yourself up to Yelp and Google Reviews which can be great ways for your team to own their customer service skills and improve based on feedback!

It Enhances your Customers Experience

Remember earlier when we mentioned convenience being the main take away for most customers? At the end of the day, that’s the entire reason you should be offering an online order system. It streamlines the ordering process and increases the overall usability and accessibility of your business, giving previously missed demographics the chance to do business with you and enjoy your food!

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