What your Business needs to know about Windows 365?

27 Aug. 21

In the world of tech, cloud computing isn’t exactly a new thing. While the technology of virtualization and remote Pcs have been around for a while; there’s still a continuous stream of new software and apps being released to help refine these services. Windows 365 is currently being cited as the next killer app for the remote PC world. But how does Windows 365 work? What features does it have packed in that make it great for business, and how will your own business utilize Windows 365? We’ve broken down all the information your business needs to know about the next great software to hit the market!

Designed for Remote Workers

One of the most exciting features about Windows 365 is its design geared towards revolutionizing the remote worker sector. Windows 365 works by having its Windows operating system functioning on the Cloud. This allows you and your workers to stream the full Windows OS experience. This is refered to as Dubbed Cloud PC, which is Microsoft’s term for virtual machines which run their software. This helps to streamline and optimize the work experience for those working out of an office, giving them the same access they have in the office from the comfort of their home. Additionally, Windows 365 is an inclusive system for all applications, tools, data, and files. You can even import files and apps from Mac, iOS, Linux, and Android.

Fixing Long Term Issues Within IT

Some technological problems can’t be as easily solved as others. Because of this, there have been several long term issues within the world of IT which haven’t been corrected, as we haven’t had the appropriate technology to address them. Thankfully, through the processing power for Cloud PC powered by Windows 365, many prominent issues involving multifactor authentication, cyber security, and data storage have been refined by Microsoft’s teams for easier use and overall a more quality experience.

How Your Business Can Utilize Windows 365

There are seemingly infinite possibilities for your business to integrate and use Windows 365. For one, you’re able to scale down the costs of things such as servers and harddrives used for data storage through the utilization of cloud storage. Additionally, Windows 365 allows you and your workers to easily incorporate your portfolio of services, your company data, and other pertinent information for share holders and investors to read and view.

Sherweb and Windows 365

If you’re still on the fence about using Windows 365 for your business, or if you have some lingering questions about how exactly it works; the Let’s Nurture team is here to help. For free consultation and finding out how Let’s Nurture can help you make the most of Windows 365; reach out to our team at the contact section below.

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