Getting to Know Google’s Workspace Security

27 Aug. 21

There is plenty of great software and apps developed by and offered for free by Google. In fact, many consider the overall Google Workspace to be one of the best for business integration as well as remote workers. They power everything from Google Drive, Gmail, Google Meet, and other important apps to help automate your business and maximize your productivity.

However, one aspect about Google Workplace that can be a bit unclear is the security of your data and how Google goes about protecting your information. Thankfully, we’ve broken down the various checks and balances Google utilizes in order to protect your privacy, increase your efficiency, and allow for easy, safe file transfers to avoid hacking or cyber security threats.

The Security of Google Workspace

Enhanced security is one of the key components of the Google Workspace. Given it regularly passes audits and meets the standards for high security standards, you can feel safe utilizing Google for your Workspace, whether you’re doing things remotely or in office. Google Workspace uses a variety of security measures to protect your organization’s data, such as encryption, utilizing the Google Cloud platform for advanced privacy, and Cloud Identification features.

One way Google utilizes this security is through their use of the ‘ISO/IEC 27701’ certificate. This allows Google to provide a cloud based security frame work which aligns with international privacy laws to keep data safe. Not only does this bolster the security of your business, it assists your business in remaining compliant with private information management systems. Additionally, Google Workspace gives your customers control over their own privacy. This gives more clarity to your consumers about the responsibilities they have in relation to their own data and privacy.

Utilizing Cloud Identity Features

One of the key security features for Google is utilizing cloud identity features. This allows you additional security for your cloud storage by utilizing multi factor authentication. This keeps your user accounts safe and your data secure. In addition to this, given the availability of Google’s products and their size as a company; they are held to strict compliance standards. This means they are governed by regulatory bodies, meaning privacy and security programs are kept tightly in line with the standards of the cybersecurity landscape. This helps you with automating the security for your company, which gives you more time to devote to development, business, and revenue growth.

With these features in place, your security and data privacy is a near guarantee. For those still curious about Google’s Workspace and improving the security of their company, you can contact our team directly for free advice and consultation regarding your company.

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