Using Calls to Action to Improve your Click Through Rate

17 Sep. 21

Your call-to-action conversion rate, also known as your click-through rate; should be just as important to your blog and business as the actual call-to-action itself. A clickthrough rate is simply the percentage of your site’s viewers who access the hypertext or links you include in specific content or advertisements. Typically, these will come paired with calls to action. A call to action is a simple term for any post or content your company utilizes to encourage action from your customer base. This can mean anything from asking your customers to follow you on social media, to purchasing or trying a new product. Going back to your CTR, this means in order for you to have a high click-through percentage; you’ll need to optimize your calls to action to be more attractive and inviting to your customers. Let’s break down a few tips you can use today to start getting a better CTR.

Appeal to and Evoke Emotions

When writing your call to action, one of the best things you can utilize is an appeal to emotion or attempting to evoke emotions in your customers. This sense of urgency you create in your customers can be incredibly effective. One way this can be done is by making your users feel as though what you’re offering is extremely limited. By suggesting a small quantity is available, you activate the scarcity section of your customer’s brain. This makes them more likely to make a purchase if they think it is a limited time or circumstance that they won’t be able to experience again.

Try the FOMO Effect

FOMO or fear of missing out; is a common tactic not unlike our first suggestion. FOMO is used in a variety of industries, but it’s especially effective when it comes to finances and investing. FOMO is also effective with different demographics. For example, 69% of all millennials experience some form of FOMO at some point in their life. By using FOMO, you motivate customers not to miss out on what they think will be a worthwhile experience, and in turn, you’ll raise your click-through rate and convert more potential leads. FOMO ” Last Chance to Win”, “Only For 5 Customers”

Visual CTAs

One challenge which can emerge when trying to write great CTA’s for your blog is having too much information and statistic you need to convey at once. One way to go about this is through the usage of visuals, either in the form of images of products or related items or through the usage of graphing. Graphs can be especially useful when comparing different products. For example, if you were writing content related to the differences between five brands of VR headsets, you could utilize graphs to show the difference in things like battery life, hardware, and graphic capabilities, and other metrics consumers will be curious about when making a purchase. Whatever the case, using images helps cut down on potentially boring product exposition and instead allows you to make your point clearly and quickly.

Personalize your CTA’s by Device

Different devices and platforms have different wants and needs depending on who is using them. Not only is optimizing your CTA ( Call to Action) for a variety of platforms such as desktop, mobile, and tablet important for raising numbers of a variety of smart devices; but it can also help with things such as your overall website optimization for mobile devices, as well your current SEO ranking. By customizing CTA’s for a variety of smart platforms, it opens you up to more specific demographics and customer sections that can better influence your business.

Use the Numbers Technique

This one is both simply and highly effective for raising your CTR and overall site engagements. The human brain is naturally trained to notice numbers and process them at a faster level than we typically would for written words. This is why utilizing numbers in a variety of contexts can be incredibly useful for your business. Not only does it take into our first two points involving the emotional state of your customers as well as the FOMO concept, but you are actively utilizing a customer’s own neural chemistry to your benefit. While some might see this as an ethical quandary, it has become so standard in modern-day internet advertising that most hardly even realize they’re doing it in the first place.

Think Outside the Box

For our final tip, be creative. While there are certainly a variety of rules and structures one can follow for crafting great CTA’s, the truth is that the best ones come from places of hard work and creativity. Encourage your marketing team to break the rules and aim for something original in their work. It could shock you how things end up turning out in a business sense. Additionally, you can utilize Call-to-action generators; online apps, and software which help generate unique CTA’s your business can utilize. 

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