Telework Adaptation Fund Online Application

Telework Adaptation Fund Online Application

26 Oct. 20

Given the current pandemic situation, more and more organizations are encouraging their employees to work from home. But this move involves additional operational costs. Prince Edward Island provides financial assistance to its client organizations to help with this initiative.

Applying for funds through the program is easy as the whole process can be concluded on the Internet by filling up a form. This telework adaptation fund program is for businesses and community organizations that are based in Prince Edward Island. From assisting in applying the grant to working efficiently from home via smart ways, Let’s Nurture will help businesses and companies with the process.

This program aims to encourage employees of various business organizations operating before December 31, 2019, to work from home for a minimum of 60% of their pay period.

Organizations can apply for this program until October 30, 2020. All applications will be accepted either until this date or the exhaustion of funds.

What does the support program offer?

The fund is available to only those business entities that have been operational in Prince Edward Island before December 31, 2019. Such entities can apply for 75% of costs related to remote operation from home by employees for the period ranging from April 1, 2020, to February 23, 2021.

  • It covers the costs linked to the operational requirements of employees of an organization who discharge their official responsibilities from home. These include the charges for using the tools for video conferencing, tools of cloud that enable file access and collaboration, and subscriptions related to the business communication platform.
  • Charges involved in drawing out a plan to perform official tasks remotely from home.
  • Costs in connection with using devices such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and other tools that are necessary to carry out official responsibilities.

A company can apply for each of the branches individually. Two applications for the same location by a company will not be accepted.

Requisite company details and other information for filing the application form

The information you need to provide for the processing of your application form include the following:

  • The information or details of your company
  • The information relating to the telework adaptation project

As far as the organization details are concerned, you need the following:

  • Contact and identity
  • Strength of the workforce (number of people working in the organization)
  • Registration number of the company
  • Declaration stating that an organization has been operating before December 31, 2019

In connection with the telework adaptation project information, a company needs to furnish the following data:

  • The number of staff members whom it would influence.
  • An estimate of the distance that a remote work program would reduce for employees working from home.
  • The details of the working situation of the present and the information about how the telework adaptation project would change it.
  • An estimate of the overall cost of the project, including the field to which the project belongs.

What happens after you file the application form online?

Once you file your application form, the concerned representatives will carry out a thorough assessment of all the details. It will take two weeks. They will assess how their support to the remote working capabilities of your workforce impacts the overall output of your business venture.

If they feel the need for further information, one of their representatives may contact you. You will be responsible to provide the requisite information to the staff members who are in charge of it.

If your application is approved, they will send you the following:

  • A pre-approval notice, coupled with a conditional grant agreement that you need to return after adding your signature.
  • A project claim form.
  • A payee registration form.
  • Details concerning the procedure of receiving the payment.

After incurring the expense, you will be required to hand over the payee registration and project claim forms to them. For the smooth processing of your payment, please ensure you return these forms before February 28, 2021.
For a follow-up audit, please ensure that you keep all the relevant documents relating to your application and the utilization of funds for six years ready. This move will help you produce all the supporting documents as and when it is required. Also, it will help you get through the audit process with a clear report.

How can Let’s Nurture provide services to build telework adaption of the businesses?

  • Software companies: For software companies, we help with setting up IT infrastructure.
  • HR consultancies: We assist with Cloud, HR modules, and ERP to bring efficiency to the core HR processes.
  • Healthcare businesses: Via mobile apps and patient-doctor dashboards, we will improve the health access quality. From boosting communication between patients and doctors and chronic disease monitoring to offering quick access to health records, Let’s Nurture will significantly improve the patient care experience.
  • Educational institutions/Private schools: From online training apps and interactive learning sessions to language-specific mobile app development, our developers make eLearning fun and easy.
You could drop us an email at with your questions on Telework Adaptation Fund. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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