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30 Nov. 22

The tech community in Regina is a massive network of intelligent, talented, and skilled folks who believe that a small idea may take the shape of a bright startup. The most incredible method to establish a startup and have access to the necessary tools, knowledge, and contacts is through an incubator. Incubators are created to assist early-stage startup businesses to succeed. They offer coaching and additional services to help founders get through the first challenges of beginning their business, such as creating a business plan, obtaining finance, and making connections with investors. If you are in a dilemma, it is time to secure the necessary backing to launch your big venture with the help of incubators. As a new founder, the following are some incubators in Regina you should be aware of:


1. Cultivator Powered by Conexus


Founded in 2019 by Conexus Credit Union, they are Canada’s first credit union-led technology incubator based in Regina, Saskatchewan. They aim to develop an innovation hub for tech startups in Regina by offering programs, tools, mentorship, funding, and space to local founders. As a progressive credit union, it always considers fresh approaches to help its members and communities. It was difficult for local companies to establish, expand, and scale their businesses globally just a few years ago, which drove many founders out of Saskatchewan. Many resources, funding sources, or spaces were unavailable at the time. Conexus developed Cultivator to remove entrepreneurs’ obstacles and establish a hub for their success.


2. Women Entrepreneurs Of Saskatchewan (WESK)


WESK is a non-profit, membership-based organization with over 1,200 members and is headquartered in Regina city. Their primary goal is to enable female entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan to launch, expand, and scale their firms to stimulate economic growth. By connecting women with experts who share their interests, WESK is improving the entrepreneurial experience. They provide their members with access to business counseling, funding, training, and networking events, opening up countless opportunities to connect with successful business people of all ages, stages of development, and cultural backgrounds.


3. The Agtech


Regina has a robust ecosystem of top-tier food and agriculture businesses and a thriving startup culture. This is why Agtech is made to guide the development of successful startups in Regina and beyond. One cohort is recruited each autumn for this venture capital-backed accelerator, which is available nationwide to Agtech and foodtech businesses. Participating startups are given financing, resources, and mentoring to help them advance their businesses. The project was started in collaboration with Cultivator powered by Conexus, Economic Development Regina, and the Emmertech venture capital fund. Later on, Innovation Saskatchewan joined as a financial partner.


4. Co.Labs


Co.Labs is an independent company providing startup services in Regina to only tech-driven and tech-enabled businesses. They are not concerned about hardware or software. Their incubator program aims to build a booming tech ecosystem in Regina that will help a new series of startups every year. By removing barriers to launching and growing startups, founders can access world-class incubator and accelerator programming, space, and resources. The best part of their incubator program is that they do not charge fees and do not undertake equity investment.


5. Enactus Regina


t is a recognized club at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada, that promotes social innovation and entrepreneurship. They support young people in starting social enterprises, organizing educational or empowering events, and researching creative solutions to humanitarian problems as a student-driven organization. They successfully lobbied for a high school financial literacy curriculum. They also created a financial technology firm that won a national award and successfully prototyped an accessibility device for photographers who are disabled. They have annually hosted Regina’s Prince Operation Entrepreneur boot camp for the past seven years. Other works include the development of Canada’s first accessibility innovation incubator and introductory entrepreneurial micro-curriculum for high school students.

These are a few well-known incubators and programs open to founders or those keen to start a business. Remember to take advantage of the possibilities and projects highlighted in this post. We constantly monitor the technological landscape and the most effective approaches to assist North American startups. Nothing makes us happier than to witness big ideas that originate in our province come to fruition.

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