Slowwwing down on the west coast: Slowww Clothes

29 Jul. 21

You are going to want to take your time with this new clothing company, Slowww Clothes. Based out of Vancouver, this small business is run by Kirsten McCartney, a graphic designer who recently launched her website offering delivery to anywhere in Canada!

Slowww Clothes evolved from McCartney’s passion for illustration and experience working with design companies. McCartney uses Adobe Illustrator to create her designs to then be printed on a variety of clothing items. Instagram has been the most effective tool for online engagement and overall reach for this business. The name, Slowww Clothes, came from the artistic appeal of three consecutive w’s while also challenging fast fashion consumption. Continue reading for our full interview with McCartney!

Be sure to follow @slowwwclothes on Instagram for design updates and special offers. All products can be found on the website,

Monday, June 21st, 2021

Name: Kirsten McCartney

Name of Business & Location: Slowww Clothes, Vancouver, British Columbia

LN: What motivated you to start your own clothing line?

Slowww Clothes: Well, I’m a graphic designer so I’ve always been illustrating different designs and I figured it would be cool to put them on apparel for people to wear.

LN: Who influences your work the most?

Slowww Clothes: I’d say friends back home. They were always making clothes and sort of inspired me to do the same.

LN: How would you describe your style to someone who has never seen your work?

Slowww Clothes: I would say funky… maybe a little retro. I just think they’re fun and a little different.

LN: What online programs do you use for Slowww Clothes?

Slowww Clothes: To illustrate my designs I use a program called Adobe Illustrator and sometimes Adobe Photoshop as well.

LN: What tool did you use to create your website?

Slowww Clothes: Shopify.

LN:How are you liking it so far?

Slowww Clothes: It’s pretty basic but it offers good tools for businesses to sell their items.

LN: What tool or program do you find to be the most effective for your online image?

Slowww Clothes: I post my clothes on Instagram mainly, but I also have a Facebook account that I utilize. Social media is a good way for me to promote my clothes and my brand so far.

LN: Do you find social media to be the best route for customer engagement?

Slowww Clothes: Yes, I am only online right now. I haven’t had the opportunity to get into markets or anything yet but hopefully soon!

LN: How did you go about choosing Shopify as your website domain?

Slowww Clothes: Word of mouth, really. I have always heard good things and that it’s a good place to start.

LN: Do you have an online newsletter for Slowww Clothes?

Slowww Clothes: Not yet, but I have also heard that it is a good tool which I am looking into.

LN: What is your favourite way to communicate with your customers?

Slowww Clothes: Instagram posts.

LN: Why the name, “Slowww Clothes”?

Slowww Clothes: I was playing around with typefaces and the word, “slow” is really fun to work with as the w’s flow nicely and I think it goes well with the word “clothes”. Once I came up with the logo, it just worked! It is slow fashion so that is also a part of my branding.

LN: What are the next steps for your business?

Slowww Clothes: Illustrating more designs to put on different apparel. I would really like to create some shorts or hats.

LN: What is your favourite part about having your own clothing line?

Slowww Clothes: The freedom to do what I want with what I want is the biggest plus side. I’ve worked for design companies in the past and it’s been great but there is not much freedom… It is nice having my own creative take on things that people want to buy as well.

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