Sweet Lips Desserts: If you are what you eat – let it be sweet

31 Jul. 21

Welcome to Sweet Lips Dessert!! This beautiful business is managed by Jasmine Johnston located in Dieppe, New Brunswick. Jasmine is a self-taught baker who possesses a passion for food. She loves to create new recipes and flavors for the people around her. She has been managing Sweet Lips Dessert since April 2020.

Sweet Lips Dessert is the expression of love and affection of Jasmine, every piece of cake, pastry has some inspiration and a moment of the story of Jasmine. She uses natural and local ingredients in a unique and elegant manner, not to forget the delicious treats she makes. These delicious desserts can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sweetlipsdessert/, Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/sweetlipsdesserts/?hl=en and their website: https://www.sweetlipsdesserts.com/

“I believe the meaning of life is to find your gift and share it with the world. My expression of love and creativity through food has been my biggest blessing. It took me many years of trying to find my niche or the one thing I was truly passionate about. I had been doing it for so long behind closed doors for family and friends, and now I am so grateful to be able to step out into the world and share it with all of you.” – Jasmine Johnston

Wednesday, June 14th, 2021

Name: Jasmine Johnston

Name of Business & Location: Sweet Lips Desserts, Dieppe, New Brunswick

LN: What is Sweet Lips Dessert?

SLD: Sweet Lips Dessert is my expression of love through food. It’s how I express my creativity and show affection for others.

LN: What inspired you to start Sweet Lips Desserts?

SLD: So Sweet Lips actually was started through COVID… it’s like a COVID baby. I was selling and installing hair extensions and wigs. When COVID occurred, I was no longer able to do that. So I started baking from my kitchen at home. I would release a menu every Monday, and deliver every Friday religiously. That’s how Sweet Lips came to be!

LN:  What surprised you the most about starting the business?

SLD: What surprised me the most was the response that I received. I guess I didn’t really know that I had this talent, it was just something I always did for family and friends. When I came out with it, people received it really well and showed a lot of support.

LN: What were the problems you faced when you started the business?

SLD: So for me, I think the biggest challenge in being a small business owner is knowing how and when to expand. I am a single mom, and I don’t use that as a crutch by any means, but it definitely has presented some challenges for me.

LN: How did COVID 19 affect your business and how did you cope with it?

SLD: Well like I said my business was born through COVID so I can’t really relate to this question. If anything COVID launched my business forward.

LN: What are some online programs you use for your business?

SLD: So my website was built with wix. I think that is a great tool. I did just recently sign up with Quickbooks, which I am still figuring out… but it seems to be a good tool as well. For me social media is the biggest one. Just word of mouth has done wonders for my business.

LN: Was any of the online programs useful to you during COVID?

SLD: Again I can’t really answer this question because my business didn’t exist prior to COVID, so yes all the tools that I discovered during COVID are useful and are continuing to be useful for me.

LN: What was the most fun you have had while running Sweet Lips Dessert?

SLD: Well guess in a way I kind of bring fun. Like when I am doing dessert deliveries, and I show up with cakes and treats and everybody is… you know riled up, and excited to see me. That’s definitely a fun part of my job. Being a provider of goodies to special events.

LN: What is the next milestone for Sweet Lips Dessert?

SLD: So as a next milestone, I would like to eventually have my own shop. I have had this thing happening lately where people are sending me decorative and stylish aprons to the store, to my house. People I don’t even know, and it’s given me this idea of starting my own line of aprons eventually.

LN: What advice would you have for other small business owners?

SLD: My advice to small business owners would be if you have a dream follow it. I feel like we know from a young age our talents, our gifts and what we wanna be doing. I think that if you know deep down, it’s important to stick with it. There’s going to be obstacles and challenges… but that what makes it interesting. So if you have a dream don’t give up on it.

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