How to build a face recognition app in 2023?

How to build a face recognition app in 2024?

11 Jun. 24


The use of face recognition technology has become widespread in recent times as businesses look to tighten their security systems. According to a recent survey, the global face recognition market is expected to grow from $3.2 billion in 2019 to $7 billion by 2024, at a compound annual growth rate of 18.2%. This growth can be attributed to the numerous benefits offered by the technology, including improved safety and security, monitoring of staff activities, and the reduction of false arrests.

A face recognition app can be a valuable asset to any organization that seeks to improve its security system. According to a report by Grand View Research, the use of face recognition technology in the security and surveillance sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 20% from 2020 to 2027. This growth can be attributed to the increasing demand for secure and convenient access control systems in various industries.

The process of developing a face recognition app requires a deep understanding of the technology, as well as a clear understanding of the client’s needs and requirements. According to a report by ResearchAndMarkets, the facial recognition software market is expected to grow from $3.2 billion in 2020 to $7 billion by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate of 17.5%. This growth highlights the increasing demand for advanced facial recognition technology and the need for reliable and efficient solutions.

If you are looking to develop a face recognition app for your organization, it is important to work with a professional development team that has the necessary experience and expertise to deliver a high-quality solution. Let’s Nurture can assist you in developing a custom face recognition app that meets all of your security needs and requirements. Contact us for more information.


Introduction to Facial recognition technology


Facial recognition technology has revolutionized the way in which people authenticate their identity. The technology utilizes facial features to recognize an individual’s identity through videos, photos, and real-time identification. This biometric security system works by measuring the facial features of individuals in a database or uploaded video or image.

The widespread adoption of facial recognition technology has been driven by its convenience, tight security system, and efficient recognition capabilities. The system is used for user login and onboarding, as well as to identify criminals and terrorists. Additionally, face recognition technology has also become popular for making payments and as a security tool to lock personal devices.


Facial recognition technology has established itself as a widely used biometric security system for identification purposes, particularly during user login and onboarding. Its convenience, secure system, and accurate recognition capabilities have made it popular among users. The technology not only improves authentication activities for users but also helps identify criminals and terrorists by recognizing their faces. It serves as a security tool to lock personal devices and is now even used for various purchases.

Biometric security systems also include fingerprint recognition, voice recognition, and retina recognition. Among these, facial recognition has become a preferred method due to its widespread use and increasing popularity.

It is evident that facial recognition technology has numerous applications and benefits. If you are looking to incorporate this technology into your security system, consider developing a facial recognition app. This guide provides a step-by-step analysis on how to create a facial recognition mobile app from scratch.


Step by Step Guide For How to develop a face recognition app?


This section will give you an insight into a step-by-step face recognition-based app development process. If you want to strengthen the biometric security system in your organization, you need to develop a face recognition app. Let’s discuss six steps for face recognition app development.


Step 1: Prepare a concept of your facial recognition App Idea 


The first step is one of the most crucial stages because, in this stage, you develop a deep analysis of your idea before commencing the face recognition mobile app development process. Analyze your opinion about the app thoroughly and determine the challenges and strengths of your vision. You will research to gather the necessary information. You can hire Let’s Nurture to research to collect appropriate information for your face recognition application. In order to complete your research process, you must follow some steps. 


  • First of all, you need to target a specific audience. Identify the geographical areas, gender, and age of your targeted audience. 
  • Identify the app development processes and operating system platforms with which you intend to make your face recognition app compatible.
  • Recognize the monetization method for the face recognition application.
  • Identify what type of app you want to develop. 
  • Recognize the features that you want to include in the face recognition application. 
  • You must identify algorithms, databases, analytics, and privacy features suitable for your face recognition application. 
  • You can implement Agile methodology for your app development process. The agile method involves managing a big project by splitting it into several short phases. This method lets you control the app development process and reach your goals. 


Step 2: prioritize your requirements and needs for the face recognition app


You need to put all your required areas at the top list. After collecting all the necessary information for the app development, you need to categorize the things you want included. As per the requirements and needs, you can consult with Let’s Nurture to create a facial recognition app for your organization. 


  • First, you must identify the features you intend to include in your app. 
  • Categorize the most essential and least essential features. You need to put the most important features at the top so the company’s developers can add those features per your requirements. 
  • It would be best if you made a specific plan for your app development process. 
  • Identify your app’s specific color, logo, and design to attract users.


Step 3: Hire Professional Face Recognition App Development Agency


Hiring a professional app development agency is a crucial action for your journey of developing a face recognition app. Look for an experienced and efficient app development agency specializing in AI and ML technology. 

You can find numerous app development agencies on the internet. Let’s Nurture, however, is one of Canada’s leading app development companies with a rich experience in mobile applications, gaming, AR applications, web, chatbot, IOT, voice, and VR applications. 

Let’s Nurture is the leading open-source IOT-based platform to deliver IT solutions to Fintech, retail, e-commerce, automobile, and many other industries. The company develops high-performance-based Android, iPhone, and hybrid mobile apps that run seamlessly on any device. Let’s Nurture can fulfill your requirements with its best expertise and skilled developers. Develop a user-engaging and high accuracy-based face recognition app with the help of Let’s Nurture. 


Step 4: Setup a Technical Architecture  for your face recognition app


In this stage, you must select a particular programmatic representation for your app development process. Determine the technology stack you need to use in your application. 

  • You can sign up for a cloud service suitable for your app. Cloud service can help you manage your cost and security system. It can also make automatic updates for your app. 
  • Select a particular face recognition tool to create a facial recognition app.
  • You can sign up for push notifications to send a message to the users using your app.
  • You can develop a cross-platform application in which the users can use both IOS and Android platforms to operate your app. 
  • Identify which AI or ML algorithm you need to use for app development. 
  • The expert team of Let’s Nurture has rich experience in selecting suitable machine learning or artificial intelligence algorithms for the facial recognition app development process.


Let’s Nurture can help you select a particular technology or programming representation for your facial recognition. Let’s Nurture is one of Canada’s leading app development companies with rich experience in handling mobile app development systems. The company uses advanced technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence for developing user-friendly apps. 


Step 5: Build a Product Roadmap of the facial recognition app


The section is an integral part of the app development process because it gives you a clear idea of your facial recognition app. The developer is clear to create a product roadmap for your app. You will get a vivid picture of the functions and components you intend to incorporate with your app. 


  • You can share your vision, goals, and strategy with the app development company. Understanding the strategy and vision before starting the app development process is vital. 
  • Clarify the strategy of the app with the developer. The developers can accomplish their tasks efficiently if they get a clear view of your strategy. 
  • Explain your goals and actions to the developers so they can add the necessary features to the app. 
  • Tell them what features you want to add to your app. 
  • You can use performance-measuring metrics to measure your progress. You can implement actions as per the progress report. 
  • Prioritize your most important actions for the app development process. It would be best if you did the first things first. Determine the features and tools you intend to include in the app first. Do immediate and intelligent actions to choose the foremost tasks. 
  • You need to train the prototype of your app by adding more pictures and data points. It can help the model identify and learn different images and generate the capability to compare them. 
  • Test the software to check the accuracy of recognition.  Train your model by creating a training set of some faces labeled with names. 
  • Let’s Nurture can also train the algorithm with the specific data and data points of images. 
  • Implement some changes to enhance the accuracy of the model to recognize faces. The prototype can make error-free facial recognition by training the model about new pictures and specific data points. It can make the users satisfied with the app. 


Step 6: development of the face recognition app


The app’s development is associated with creating an attractive UX UI design, front and back-end development, and web development. After creating a prototype and training the model, the Let’s Nurture team will develop the app. They will start with the app development process from scratch implementation plan. The team will use the best technology stack to provide you with the best possible outcomes. 


Step 7: testing the facial recognition app


It is a crucial stage because it helps test the software or app’s accuracy. You need to test the software to see whether it accurately recognizes images of specific people from the database. 

The quality analyst team of Let’s Nurture will perform multiple tests for the software to ensure its accuracy. The team will check whether there is any bug or whether the program runs smoothly and seamlessly on Android and IOS platforms. 


Step 8: Launching the app


Once the team has tested the app operating on various devices, that can be launched on different app stores. The mobile app developers know the guidelines and standards of app stores. They will maintain all the procedures during the launch of the app. They will also ensure that the facial recognition app is launched without constraints and rejection. It will be available on Google Play Store and Apple app store so the users can easily avail of this app. 


As you have gathered knowledge about how to develop facial recognition apps in different states, it is time to empower you with information about the cost and time required to build a face recognition app. Let’s dive into the next section.


How much does face recognition app development cost?


The cost of every app development process can vary. Different purpose-oriented apps have various operations and functions, and therefore they can cost differently. The cost of building a face recognition app can lie between 15000 to 100000 dollars depending on the processes and complexity of the app.

The cost of a face recognition app depends on planning, developing the prototype, designing, coding, and app testing. 

Process of developing facial recognition app Costs
  1. Planning of the app: 
1000 to 1500 dollars
  1. Designing the app:
15000 to 20000 dollars
  1. Creating a model or prototype:
2000 to 3000 dollars
  1. Coding:
15000 to 30000 dollars
  1. Testing the app:
2500. to 4000.dollars


The complexity of the face recognition app can also vary. Depending on the complexity, the cost changes.


Complexity levels Features Cost
  1. Minimum complexity or simple application:
  1. Face recognition using live video 
  2. Identification of celebrity images
  3. Comparing human faces among relatives and friends
  4. Offline function
  5. Changes of hairstyle official expression
  6. Scanning different objects and location
10000 to 18000 dollars
  1. Medium complexity 
  1. More than 50 facial features to recognize human faces
  2. Identification of relationship based on similarity or match
  3. Compare the body structure of different people
  4. Check-in and check-out function
  5. Push notification
  6. Development of individual avatar
  7. Analysis of user’s movement
15000 to 20000 dollars
  1. High complexity
  1. Recognition of Hollywood stars 
  2. Recognition of genetic disorder
  3. User login and logout using facial recognition
  4. Backup validation
  5. Keeping images for future usage
  6. Identification of human faces during their movements
  7. Push notification
25000 dollars or more


From the above description, you can get insights that when the app includes different features and functions, it becomes more complex, and the cost for those apps can increase. 


Let’s Explore How does facial recognition app work?


It is imperative to understand the functions of a face recognition app while planning to build face recognition software. The facial recognition system functions in three simple steps: detection, recognition, and analysis.


Facial recognition process
Detection  Detection is a simple stage of identifying a human face in any image or video. The facial recognition system detects and recognizes human faces from any picture comprising more than one human face. 

Computer vision identifies places, objects, and people in any picture accurately and efficiently. The identification process goes on faster. Computer vision can automate data extraction, classification, analysis, and comprehension of the data from any image or video using artificial intelligence Technology. The image data can be in a single format, video sequence, view from multiple cameras, and three-dimension or two-dimension images.

 The app can extract data on the facial features from any image to identify the human face. After the image extraction, the facial features are estimated per hairstyle, color, age, and other aspects. The facial recognition app can read every detail of the facial features to identify the human face. 

Analysis  The analysis is performed based on the distance between eyes, the distance between forehead and chin, eye socket depth, cheekbone shape, lip color, ear color, and size and shape of chain, ear, and lip. The system can recognize the human face when the features match the database image.
Recognition After extracting images, the facial recognition app compares the ideas with the photos kept in the database. The human face is compared with a broad database in which numerous photos are saved for identification. 


6 best face recognition apps in 2024


Apps  Description  Specifications  Ratings  Compatibility 
  1. Luxand
Luxand is a private technology company that delivers face recognition solutions. 

Founded 2005

  1. Keeps images of faces for future recognition
  2. It can detect about 70 facial expressions and features
  3. Capable of identifying human faces in live-streaming videos
App store ratings: 3.2

Google store ratings: 3.2

IoS and android devices
  1. Blippar
Blippar is a leading tech company specializing in augmented reality. 

Founded in 2011

  1. The app uses deep learning computer vision techniques. 
  2. It can identify real-world objects with the help of a smartphone camera.
  3. It can scan a person’s surroundings to tell them about exciting things. 
App store ratings: 2.3

Google store ratings: 2.4

Android and IOS
  1. Applock 
It helps different apps in unlocking with the help of voice recognition and facial recognition features. 
  1. It protects the user’s personal information by keeping secure accessibility of the financial account and personal information only to the users.
  1. It helps in creating a backup authentication option. 
  2. It can also be operated in offline mode.
App store ratings: 4.3

Google store ratings: 3.7

Android and IOS
  1. Digipass 
OneSspan developed Digipass. It comprises a two-factor authentication system using fingerprint and facial recognition techniques. 
  1. It maintains the security of the devices. 
  2. Users can scan the QR code from any website.
  3. The users can scan their faces through their device camera. 
App store ratings: 3

Google store ratings: 2.7

Android, Windows, Linux, and IOS
  1.  Face2Gene
FDNA, an American AI-based company, develops Face2Gene. The app, designed by healthcare professionals, is used in the Healthcare sector.
  1. It helps the health care practitioners diagonalize the patients for genetic diseases.
  2. The users can receive feedback constantly.
App store ratings: 2.2

Google store ratings: 1.6

Android and IOS
  1. BioID
  1. A German biometrics company developed BioID. 
  2. Developed in 2007
  1. The app can analyze the movement of the users
  2. It has eye recognition facility
  3. It has a multi-factor authentication facility for users. 
  4. It is built with software for facial recognition and face-liveness detection. 
  5. The app verifies documents using biometrics for remote identification. 
App store ratings: 3

Google store ratings: 2.7

Android and IOS devices


These are the top 6 facial recognition apps that have been popular among users. Before developing your face recognition app, you need to identify the features of these apps and the elements of your competitor’s apps. You need to add unique features to your app to attract other users.


 Before creating the face recognition app, you must also identify the pros and cons associated with the official recognition Technology. The following section will analyze the limitations and benefits of facial recognition technology that you should consider. 


Advantages and disadvantages of face recognition app


Facial recognition Technology has captured numerous people’s attention with its many benefits and advantages. From detecting criminals or terrorists to seeing patients suffering from any severe disease, face recognition Technology has benefited every sector. 


Pros Cons
Facial recognition Technology helps in finding a missing person.  The predominant challenge with the technology is the hesitation of people to share their images. Many people still need to learn about this technology. It can create issues for them to operate the system properly. 
It has tremendous potential to strengthen the security system. It does not need any physical contact to operate different tasks. Users can withdraw money and pay through facial recognition systems without making any physical contact.  The system can violate people’s freedom when people use this technology to run people in their database through a ‘virtual criminal line-up.’
The recognition and identification system allows business owners to safeguard their businesses from theft.  If any third party hacks the database, the security and privacy of user data can be violated. Data breaching can hamper the personal protection of people. 
Facial recognition technology is an inexpensive method to improve a securities system.  Identity fraud can be another issue with this technology when lawbreakers misuse the system to collect the user’s personal information and perpetrate crimes against people.
The system helps in enhancing medical treatment by identifying genetic diseases. Identifying the conditions also helps implement proper and timely medical treatment of the patients. Slight changes in a person’s facial features or hairstyle can create challenges for the app to identify the person with the images stored in the database. Therefore, the face recognition app can provide incorrect results. 
Cybercrime and fraud can be minimized because of that tight security system built with face recognition and identification Technology. Misuse of the system can create fraud and crimes. Many innocent people can be susceptible to criminal charges due to the failure of technology.
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