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How Content Intelligence Enhances Your Digital Transformation Strategy

12 Mar. 20

You may find yourself running into difficulties as you’re working on developing digital transformation strategies in Canada. To transform your business digitally, you need a digital transformation strategy template. You need the right digital transformation strategy to see results. You need to improve your business processes to stay competitive in today’s marketplace, which is increasingly more technological in nature. One way you can do this is with content intelligence. Here is what you need to know about content intelligence.

Which Parts of My Business Need to be Digitally Transformed?

When looking at digital transformation implementation plans in Canada, you’ll need to digitize many aspects of your business processes if you want to have a successful digital transformation project. There may be some processes that are more important than other ones. There may be some that you can ignore while you give others a higher priority.
You have to have a look at the business objectives of your organization. Perhaps you want to improve customer relations. In this case, you’re going to want to improve the processes that relate to the customers. Many businesses want to improve the customer experience as this will drive sales and bring new customers to the business.

You may also want to improve how the business runs internally. For example, you may want to make it easier for employees to get the work done. In today’s busy work environment, employee productivity is important. You only have so many hours in the day to get jobs done. By making it easier for employees, this can boost your bottom line and improve the overall business.

What’s the Cost of Getting it Wrong?

Customers today are often overloaded with information. They find it difficult to find the information that they actually need. You need IT transformation strategies In Canada to help support your customers. You also need digital transformation strategies inside your organization. Employees lose productivity because they can’t find missing information. In today’s business world, it’s important to have all this information available so that employees can make use of it, and customers know where to go when they need information from you.

The Foundation for Future Businesses: Intelligent Content

To make information easily available, we need to make responsive and intelligent content. This is going to be the foundation of business in the future. With intelligent content, we will be able to meet the needs of consumers. This will also meet the needs of employees within the organization. Intelligent content as the following characteristics:

  • It’s reusable.
  • It’s structured.
  • It’s stored in topic-specific components.
  • It’s format free.
  • The content is enriched with metadata.

Creating Intelligent Content

Intelligent content describes its purpose, meeting, and relation to other pieces of content. You can trade it with structured authoring tools. You can use XML, which will help you implement structured authoring. This allows an organization to put the content and information into reusable and smaller chunks, which are called components. This is then assembled into a deliverable.

For example, in the past, a company would have symbol documents online, or they would print them. The same content can be used in chatbots, mobile apps, IoT applications, and other areas. The content is easy to translate and reuse. This will save your costs, and it’s one of the benefits of using structured content. You can streamline your content process by using structured authoring.

How Can an Organization Be Truly Digital to the Core?

For a company to be truly digital, it needs digitization, embedded across all the processes of the organization. This improves both the employee experience and the customer experience. The information helps to communicate and serve the goals of the organization. The content becomes a strategic asset for the company. intelligent content is the first step for a company to turn their business into a truly digital business. The benefits include consistency, delivery to any channel which is adaptive, less redundancy with information, improved workflows, and fewer costs to the organization.


You may not know where to turn when it comes to content intelligence. At Let’s Nurture, we can help you transform your business so you can take advantage of technology and truly transform your business into the digital age. Before you look at digital transformation proposals in Canada, talk to us. We can provide digital transformation plans in Canada that are right for your needs. For any further queries, contact us or write to us at

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