Great Email Marketing Tools for Automation

18 Sep. 21

The way in which businesses market themselves and advertise their products is constantly changing. The landscapes and channels through which we sell and market products and services are designed for change, and in many ways; when the technology for these things evolves, it’s usually for the better. This is especially true for email marketing, a channel of marketing experts that has remained relatively unchanged since its inception. But with new software and tools becoming more widely available each day, there are ways to improve on email marketing in ways you might not have considered. Tools for automation, managing customer relationships, and generating and building leads are becoming common, everyday software for business managers and their employees alike. To simplify the process, and to help you and your business make informed decisions regarding these tools; we’ve broken down a brief list of some of our favorite email marketing software.

Email Marketing with HubSpot

HubSpot has become a well-known name in recent years due to its great marketing automation platform and highly intuitive and simple-to-use software. Their recent program, HubSpot Email Marketing; is a great tool for any small business looking to utilize email marketing in their business plan. It can send kickback emails to your lead offers, thank you emails for purchases, and assist in promoting your current and future advertising campaigns. It also utilizes a great drag and drops visual editor for beginners, as well as ready-to-use templates. It can also integrate tools from the HubSpot automation platform, allowing you to manage your customer relationships and email marketing all in one app.


Another great free marketing tool, Sender is great for those looking to create stunning newsletters using code-free templates. You can customize easily with images, video, and text, and even personalize each individual newsletter for maximum impact. Additionally, Sender has a great analytic system for tracking who views your emails, when they’re opened, and more important information for building an accurate buyer profile based on how they interact with your business. This enables you to optimize your email marketing, creating great incentives and offers for your customers to take advantage of. 


For those looking for great software that mixes the functionality of an email marketing tool with the intuitiveness of a customer relationship management platform, look no further than Sendinblue. Sendinblue is a great program, with over 70 in-house designed templates to create great-looking emails and newsletters for your customers. In addition to this, Sendinblue’s A/B testing system and segmented customer lists allow you to optimize your ad campaigns and find your target audiences through the use of automation; cutting out plenty of tedious manual tasks and labor.


With its futuristic name, Omnisend combines all the great features of eCommerce marketing, as well as integrating all your business communication platforms in one place. While its free plan only includes email, the powerful features of Omnisend make this more than enough for small or medium-sized businesses performing their email marketing campaigns. It allows you to automate your emails based on the behavior of your subscribers and the times of the day when they access communications from you. In addition to the free email features, Omnisend offers a wide variety of comprehensive audience insights, the ability to design great newsletters with their product picker feature, and the ability to include things like scratch cards, discount codes, and gift boxes for your customers in the correspondence you send out. 


SendPulse is a great multi-channel marketing planet, with its email marketing features being among its best. Not only does it come preloaded with professionally designed templates for your emails, but it also includes a drag and drops editor for easy customization as well as automatic mailing based on customer behavior and timing. In addition to this, SendPulse’s innovative subscriber rating system allows you to see which subscribers interact with your content the most, the rate at which they read them, and even allows you to customize their individual profiles to personalize your customer by name, gender, date of birth, and even their occupation.


You can’t discuss email marketing tools without mentioning MailChimp. Their free plan is great for anyone looking to create a basic email marketing campaign with scheduled emails for your customers. In addition, the smart recommendations feature included in MailChimp helps you make smart decisions by providing you with audience analytics and insights in real-time to help you fine-tune your marketing efforts. MailChimp also allows you to easily store your files, images, videos, and texts so you can easily design your emails utilizing their content manager. You can then automate your emails for sending out everything from welcome emails, order statuses, cart reminders, and other important communique.

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