Five Reasons your Laundry or Dry Cleaning Business Needs an App

11 Dec. 22

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic found its way into the lives of all of us worldwide, we’ve had to develop new ways of doing things as a society. Regular trips to grocery stores and restaurants have been replaced with contactless delivery and mobile applications for the most part, and as a result of business closures, lockdowns, and many other obstacles; several businesses have seen the growing need to properly adapt themselves to the digital world. Even the laundry and dry cleaning industry has managed to find itself in this digital sphere to do business, and because of this; it might be time for your own dry cleaning business to make the switch. But if you’re a business owner whose still on the fence as to whether or not digital is right for you, then we’ve got five reasons you can consider for creating a mobile app for your business and entering the digital age. Let’s begin!


1. You Save Yourself and Customers Time


For many customers, they utilize on-demand service apps in order to bring ease to their day and help minimize the running around many of us have to do while juggling errands, work, and life itself. Thankfully, by using an on-demand delivery and pickup service for your laundry company; you not only save your customers valuable time which will make them appreciative of your business, but it allows you to run your business better with a steady stream of pick ups and deliveries to keep staff busy.


2. You Cut Down your Customer’s to Do List


Laundry is an errand that’s primarily about waiting. Waiting for the wash cycle to complete, waiting for your clothing to dry, waiting to iron and press them properly, the list can go on! By using an application for their laundry, you help minimize hassle in your customers’ lives which gives them more free time, and in turn, endears them to your business for helping them find a solution to a problem in their everyday life.


3. Laundry Apps Help the Environment


When you run your own laundry application or platform, you get to decide the products used by your staff when it comes to cleaning your customer’s clothing. Many laundry and dry cleaning businesses will choose to offer organic detergent and lower energy practices, which not only help in making their services more affordable for some customers; but also help them lower their own carbon footprint and in turn, help create a more renewable and environmentally conscious dry-cleaning industry.


4. You Reduce Customer Stress


Sometimes, our to-do lists feel less like a collection of tasks and more like a place our mind looks to when it wants to feel stressed out. When you have on-demand service apps for assistance with various tasks and errands however, you not only reduce your customers stress by providing them a solution; but you make it more likely that you’ll become the customers ‘go-to’ if your service is satisfactory. By doing a great job at a customers most pressing moments, you associate your business with reliability in their mind; which means they’re likely to go to you the  next time they need their laundry done in a pitch.


5. You Help Save Space


By providing a regular laundry service to customers in your area, you also help them get other errands and work done. This is because when your business provides a laundry service, you help minimize some of the mess in your customer’s home, which gives them more space and makes things overall more simple for completing various tasks around the house. Whether you clean up an entire floor of messy clothes or simply get their over-packed laundry basket out of the way; customers will appreciate the added space your business helps bring to their everyday life.


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