5 APIs Like Twilio

15 Dec. 22

APIs are computer programs that allow software applications to communicate with one another or with other software applications. You can think of them as the Internet’s version of phone books since they define how different software applications should talk to each other. Since real-time communication is the need for the hour, many businesses come with their own APIs. To build an application, you need to know how it interacts with the outside world, and these interactions often require writing code. But with the help of Twilio API, it is possible to make powerful, cutting-edge platforms of various types. This article explains some of the best APIs that work just like Twilio and are much more affordable.


1. Vonage


One of the leading CPaaS companies, Vonage, purchased Nexmo in 2016, solidifying its position as the market leader for API solutions. It has more than 1600 carriers in over 200 countries. Vonage’s service now offers voice alerts, standard and bulk SMS, live web chat, voice APIs for IVR, P2P, A2P, and phone API with the help of Nexmo and its platforms. Over one lakh developers are working on the platform to process five billion API requests annually. They have a vast clientele list, including major corporations like Siemens, Domino’s Pizza, Glassdoor, Zipcar, DHL, etc. Without a doubt, Vonage is Twilio’s best alternative.


2. Plivo


Founded in 2011, Plivo is based in Sacramento, California. With the help of Plivo, practically any app may now include SMS API integration. It offers enormous flexibility with the option to customize texting services like SMS surveys and autoresponders to match the needs of the business. Plivo delivers incoming messaging in 14 countries, configures sender IDs for more than 100 countries, and offers service in 190 countries worldwide. The services provided by Plivo are of a higher caliber and at a lower cost than Twilio.


3. Infobip


Infobip is a Croatian company and a leader in web-based interface environment and an API provider that make it simple for companies to develop customer journeys. Over 750 banks use it as their messaging system, and it collaborates with 650 mobile providers worldwide. Five billion people utilize the services of Infobip, and it serves well-known businesses like Uber, Virgin, and Zendesk. With over 65+ offices spread over 52 nations, Infobip’s revenue increased by 35% in 2020 to $711 million. Due to its wide-ranging global presence, the company is a legitimate top alternative to Twilio.


4. Messagebird


Messagebird is an approved SMS messaging solution used for customer service across several messaging systems and has proven helpful for user identification, marketing, and other applications. The company has offices in Shanghai, Sydney, Hamburg, San Francisco, Singapore, Dublin, London, and Amsterdam. This Dutch cloud communications company serves over 15,000 clients, including innovators and disruptors like SAP, Uber, and HelloFresh. It offers software streamlining business communications with clients using SMS, voice, and messaging services like WhatsApp. With a $3 billion business, it is one of Europe’s best and most promising APIs, just like Twilio.


5. Zipwhip


Founded in 2007, Zipwhip is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It is the first provider to make it possible to send texts to current business phone numbers. Zipwhip is the creator of Texting for Business, which helped it to make a global presence. With over 35,000 businesses using its platform to boost client interaction and spur growth, it is the top provider of business-texting software and APIs globally. On the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list, it was rated as Seattle’s eighth-fastest-growing business. Indeed, one of the popular alternatives to Twilio in terms of APIs.


In the future, APIs will be a crucial part of every business. The most popular way to communicate with customers is through SMS and other business messaging services. To be a great API provider, you should consider implementing Twilio’s APIs in your business applications. Twilio’s services are excellent for startups and small businesses that want to expand their reach and engage with their customers efficiently. However, larger companies may need help to replace their existing phone systems or integrations with Twilio, so they should focus on developing apps that can leverage Twilio’s capabilities and other popular APIs like Vonage or Infobip. Make sure to choose a provider that helps you meet your needs and makes sense for your business.



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