Augmented Reality and Home Decor: The Future of Homemaking

25 Sep. 21

Sometimes, when you’re in a shopping center trying to decide on the perfect chair to do your Sunday reading in, or you’re trying to find the right table for the dining room; it can be difficult to remember how this piece of furniture will look in the overall layout of your home. This can prove troublesome, of course, as no customer wants to take a large item back to their house only to find out it either doesn’t work for the homes’ layout or that it requires more space than they have available. Thankfully, through the use of augmented reality; the world of home decor and homemaking has been simplified by professionals, helping many of these companies utilize AR technology to make shopping easier for customers. What are some of these companies, you ask? We’ve laid out some of the best home decor and homemaking businesses that allow you to use AR to make informed decisions and purchases for your house!

 If you’re looking for a great home improvement and decor app, is one of the best places for you to start. The device, which utilizes the iPhone’s camera, iOS 11, and AR technology, allows you to view highly detailed, to-scale 3D models of any product they offer. Not only can you utilize these models to see which furniture fits into which rooms of your home, but some of them are also interactive and allow you to see how these products you purchase will work in the real world; such as being able to test light fixtures and lamps, as well as turning a faucet on and off and being able to witness its water flow.


With a functionality similar to Pinterest, Magicplan is an app that allows you to virtually pin and grid furniture and other products to the room of your choice. By tapping the app, you can mark the different corners of rooms in order to determine the overall dimensions which allows you to quickly and easily create a floor plan using the accurate measurements you’ve taken. Moreover, the app allows for use with Amazon; which means you can view their products through the AR app before making any final decisions on your purchases.


PLNAR is another great app for those looking to create floor plans and captures accurate room dimensions easily. It’s a great tool for everyone, from DIY carpenters and homeowners to sales representatives, interior designers, and those who work in the insurance or remodeling industry. The app allows you to easily compile a room plan, then export and share the overall report with the visuals and dimensions included. This makes sharing schematics and room plans with customers and contractors an easier process, and the increased accuracy means increased stability for the overall floor plan.


Yet another great app, Wayfair is designed to help you make informed purchases with the use of their iOS app. The app itself is AR-enabled and allows you to view furniture in your home in real-time and give you an accurate depiction of the space and size the furniture will require. The AR technology of Wayfair is easy to use and seamless, it ensures you’ll be able to visualize and make smart choices when purchasing your furniture; meaning you won’t have to deal with buyer’s remorse in the future.


Housecraft is a great app for homemaking. Not only does it offer similar AR features to Wayfair and by allowing you to visualize the size and scale of your furniture in real-time, but it also allows you to save the room configurations you create, and see how they will look in different rooms of your home or completely different locations entirely.


If you’re a fan of sites like Pinterest and you’re looking to do some great renovations, Houzz is a great app. Houzz allows you to scroll through thousands of photos of renovations, redecoration, homemaking, and home decor. On top of that, Houzz also offers their sketch feature, which allows you to draw on the photos and annotate them with your own design and layout ideas for your home. Additionally, like many of the apps on our list; Houzz allows you to utilize AR with their ‘view in my room’ feature, allowing you to try before you buy!


The measure is a fairly new app released for iOS 12 on the iPhone. It allows for easy and intuitive AR technology to be used to tape measure your room, your furniture, and your surroundings to see how specific products and furniture will fit into your location. It allows you to gauge the size and dimensions of objects, can automatically detect dimensions of their own products, and allows you to save the photos of your measurements for later at home use.

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