Five tips for improving productivity with Google Tasks

13 Jun. 22

Google Tasks are one of the most useful products Google has to offer. It allows any user to prioritize tasks with other uses and accomplish them more efficiently. For businesses and individuals looking to ramp up their productivity, you’re in luck. When effectively used, Google Tasks is one of the best productivity tools available on the market. We’ll cover five tips you and your team can use in order to improve productivity and complete tasks more efficiently.

1. Use Recurring Tasks


Seating up repeating tasks in Google Task is a simple way to stay on top of weekly meetings or other repeating duties. While some usually only use this feature for personal use, it can be great for professionals to keep track of things as well. In order to add a repeating task, go to the add tasks option and hit ‘repeat’. This will set up a recurring task for your account. You can even select a specific time and date for when you’d like to be reminded.

2. Set Deadlines


In Google Tasks, another way to remain productive is to utilize their due date feature. This allows you to set deadlines for your tasks, such as sending a mass email or submitting an article. The process is incredibly simple as well. All you need to do is set a specific time and date, then click OK. From there, your deadline will be set and sent out to the rest of your team.

3. Break Down Complex Tasks into Subtasks


Subtasks are smaller parts of larger, more complex tasks or projects. Consider for a moment that you and your coworkers are building a website. This big goal can be difficult to organize, so using subtasks on Google Task is a great way to break up these larger projects. It also allows you to assign specific tasks to individual members of your team, in order to make the process more efficient. 

4. Multiple Lists for Different Projects


In order to avoid your Google Task list becoming cluttered or unfocused due to working on multiple projects at once; you can easily create new task lists to better organize your Google Tasks. Simply go to my tasks section, click on it, then scroll down and click ‘create a new list.’ Once you’ve named and described your list; you can save it and begin to add tasks to your new list.

5. Use Gmail to Create Tasks



Google Task isn’t the only place you can set tasks for members of your team. This can also be done through Gmail by clicking a tick mark at the top of the email page. From here, you can assign tasks to users by date and time, and create new tasks as needed for your projects. Additionally, creating an email or instant message chain for your tasks is a good way to ensure your project is completed on top, piece by piece.

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