Seven things you should know about Google Workspace

24 Jun. 22

Google Workspace is a massive collection of tools and add-ons that make doing business easy. Google Workspace is integratable and has several plugins, add-ons, and more to help you get started and do so efficiently. In order to take advantage of these unique benefits, however, you’ll need to understand Google Workspace and its role in project management and other business aspects. Today, we’re going to discuss seven things you should know about Google Workspace, and how you can use this knowledge in order to optimize productivity within your team.

Update, Track, and Collaborate on Tasks


Through the use of Google’s Sheets tool, you can create complex project plants; as well as Gantt charts to better organize the logistics of your project. With Google Sheets, you can easily assign tasks and set deadlines, regardless of where your team is located across the globe. Keep things up to date and make collaboration simple!

Manage Team Schedules and Projects


With Google Workspace, the Calendars tool allows you to keep your team up to date. Calendars can be used to track project milestones, and deadlines, and provide reminders for tasks. You can also use Calendar for scheduling meetings, training, vacation time, and more. Simply find an open time slot on the calendar app, and you’ll be able to schedule with ease.

Store & Share your Files


Google Drive & its shared drives are used for storing a number of documents & file types, such as images, videos, word documents, and more. With Drive, you can immediately share access to these files to your team; reducing wait times for file submission. Google Drive also keeps your files secure, only allowing those with access to use your files or documents. Finally, the documents automatically sync to the cloud; saving any changes you might make.

Create High-Quality Presentations


Sometimes, you need to put together presentations for meetings or for introducing new concepts, products, or services to potential customers or clients. Google Slides, as well as Google Meet, can be used to create video projects with images, graphs, and charts to make enticing and exciting presentations for your team. Moreover, Google Meet allows for seamless screen sharing to make presenting more efficient.

Create a Prototype Website


Prototyping is an important step of every project, whether it’s creating mockup products, concept art, or performing market research to search for interest in your new release. If your team is launching a new product or service, then you may require a website to properly promote it. With Google Sites, you can create a project hub full of timelines, documents, calendars, and other project information which can be accessed at any time, from any place.

Actively Collaborate on Documents


When you use Google Docs, not only do you have access to a tool which can create word documents, excel spreadsheets, and more; but you can also use it to share documents, receive feedback, and collaborate in real-time. Google Docs has been one of the most widely used document editing tools in recent years, and your team can absolutely benefit from using it.

Host Video Meetings Simply


Google Meet is Google’s in-house version of programs such as Skype and Zoom. Almost all devices are able to run and power Google Meet, including computers, smartphones, and smart devices. Not only does this save your team money by reducing travel expenses for meetings, but also saves you time with mass invitations and other features to get your team together. 

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