Using Google Meet for your Business

27 Aug. 21

Given how much the work force has been forced to go remote in the past two years, things like business meetings, company reports, and other clerical duties related to your job have probably changed a lot. Many of us have gotten used to Zoom meetings, but if you’re not pleased with the Zoom experience; or if you use Google Workspace, you might want to make the switch for your meetings to Google Meet.

Google Meet is a great way for your team to view documents, edit them in real time, and collaborate on new and pre-existing projects within your business. Additionally, you’re able to set meeting times, milestones, and goals for your team. Google Meet’s is also free and available to anyone with a Google account. For businesses looking to use Google Meet, you can host over one hundred participants for hour long sessions. If you’re willing to spend extra however, you can upgrade your Google Workspace to their Enterprise Package; which allows you to host 250 participants in your Google Meet room, as well as allowing you to live stream to upwards of 100,000 people.

One thing you may be curious about is the key differences between Google Meet, and Google’s previous video chatting app; Google Hangouts. While both are great ways for real time, video communication, Google Hangouts is optimized for much smaller groups of people with a limit of only 25 maximum. Additionally, Google Hangout lacks many of the features included in Google Meet, such as sharing your screen, real time captions, and the ability to mute your microphone.

The process to create a Google Meet room, or to join one is also incredibly simple. All you’ll need to do is sign into your Google account with your desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, or smart device. From there, you simply need to either get invited to a Google Meet or host your own, inviting members of your business to your meeting with ease.

Google Meet also comes packed with features to make your business run more simply. For one, live captioning allows you to provide real time translation to everyone in your group. Additionally, you can share your screens, adjust layouts of your own screens, and features full integration of other apps such as Microsoft 365 and Outlook. Plus, Google Meet is fully secure and compliant and keeps your businesses data and information safe during meetings. This is done through the use of in transit encryption, which encrypts the data of your call to those not invited to the meeting.

If you’re looking to learn more about Google Meet, or how you can utilize Google Workspace and Google Meet in your business; Let’s Nurture is ready to help. We offer free consultations and help businesses like you everyday adapt new tools and software to help you excel.

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