Startup Incubators In Montreal

12 Nov. 22

As a resident of Montreal, have you wondered what major perks you get living in this vibrant city? If you are based in Montreal, you are lucky – the town is home to several incubators that can support you in making your startup dream a reality. As an entrepreneur, you might have an idea for a startup or are already in the early stages of launching your own company but want to use some service to take it to the next level. This article will examine the top five startup incubators in Montreal, what they offer, and how you can join their programs. So, if you are just starting to launch a successful business, read on to find out how these incubators can help you take your startup to new heights.



It is a startup incubator with high technical expertise, focusing on the automation, logistics, and transportation sectors. They also serve the microelectronics and telecommunications industries. Their Propulsion program is a two-year incubation program for business owners who have successfully validated their venture. You will gain from the skills of their professional specialists in residence assistance as part of the Propulsion program to market your innovation and create a long-lasting company. Their mission is to “help entrepreneurs create businesses that matter,” so they provide resources tailored to each business’s needs. They also offer workshops on marketing strategies, team-building techniques, and financial planning for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business after launch (or even before).



It is one of the oldest incubators in the city, and it’s been around since 2008. CQDM is a non-profit biopharmaceutical research consortium. Its goal is to foster multi-stakeholder collaborative research that accelerates the development of cutting-edge discoveries in vaccines, treatments, and diagnostics that meet unmet medical needs. Their incubator programs have a substantial positive impact on the Canadian economy. The organization has helped several healthcare startups come to life over the years, and they have spaces for both early-stage companies and established businesses that need a little help getting their feet off the ground. 


Listed among the top Canadian incubators, Zú is a non-profit organization that encourages and promotes new projects and top-notch intellectual property from creative entrepreneurs who utilize technology to create goods and content. Founded by Guy Laliberté in 2018, it helps to transform the cultural, artistic, and entertainment industries. It provides startup support programs, open innovation services for SMEs and big businesses, finance expertise, exclusive access to a venture capital fund, and a local and global network of over 100 famous coaches. Additionally, it provides a distinctive creative hub in the heart of Montreal that combines cutting-edge equipment and studios, the company hosting options, and exhibition spaces for public inquiry and experimentation.



An incubator and seed investor, TandemLaunch specializes in developing early-stage technological startups. Universities and consumer electronics manufacturers collaborate closely with TandemLaunch, to find bright entrepreneurs to create enterprises based on academic innovations. Their extensive international network of partners in business and academia is crucial to the success of their process. They distinctively develop startups by identifying the industry’s issues and looking for technology to address them. After that, they put a team together to help start the business. They take pleasure in providing a sizable amount of financing and taking the time to offer mentorship, coaching, and the chance for co-creation, unlike other incubators.


MT Lab

The MT Lab is the first business incubator in Canada, specializing in the travel, entertainment, and cultural industries. It debuted in September 2017 and was developed jointly by UQAM and Tourisme Montréal. It is a meeting space, startup accelerator, and exchange platform that promotes businesses with new solutions for the industry’s key players, and it is situated in Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles. Their highly specialized incubation program encourages innovation and entrepreneurship in travel, culture, and entertainment. The mission of MT Lab is to establish Montreal as a world-class innovation hub for the travel, culture, and entertainment industries. 


Montreal is quickly becoming a startup hub, and Montreal incubators play a significant role in its development. Several incubators in the city are helping entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level. With the required support, these businesses have a good chance of succeeding. Overall, startup incubators in Montreal are doing a great job of supporting and fostering the growth of new companies in the city. They provide the resources and environment that entrepreneurs need to succeed and are helping to build a robust startup ecosystem in Montreal. Incubators also provide more mentorship and guidance on how to scale a business. Some challenging factors still need to be addressed, such as the increased living expenses and the need for more experienced talent. Nevertheless, incubators are an essential part of Montreal’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and are making a positive impact.

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