Startup Incubators In Calgary

30 Nov. 22

Calgary, world’s third most livable city, converges brilliant minds and innovative ideas with an unequaled enthusiasm to address pressing global issues. Since many opportunities galore in Calgary, what’s in the water in this city is a distinctively entrepreneurial spirit and a welcoming business environment. When starting as an entrepreneur, accessing the resources you need to start your business may be challenging. But when you are part of a startup incubator, you get easy access to resources like office space, funding, and mentorship. This post will highlight the top five startup incubators that have produced many successful startups in Calgary and can help you validate your idea and turn it into a reality. 


1. Innovate Calgary


Since 1986, Innovate Calgary has served innovative tech startups in Calgary at regional and international levels. In partnership with the University of Calgary, it offers various programs and funding opportunities to help a company grow and succeed. For more than 30 years, Innovate Calgary has served as the University of Calgary’s innovation transfer and business incubator, promoting entrepreneurship and introducing the world to cutting-edge technology advancements. Their main aim is to add value to the academic and business partners by going beyond conventional technology transfer.


2. Platform Calgary


Platform Calgary is one of the best incubators in Calgary that helps businesses transition their firms from an experimental stage to a process-driven one. They assist in connecting you with the peers and resources you require if you are trying to launch a tech career, create your firm, or invest in a local startup. Their highly specialized program, Platform Incubator, offers structure and procedures to support scalability and ongoing quick learning. It is customized and distinctive to each founder to let them concentrate their time and effort where it will significantly impact their firm. To scale their firm over 18 months, founders collaborate closely with an entrepreneur-in-residence, a network of mentors, and other startup founders.


3. M-Tech Innovations


M-Tech Innovations is a seed-stage incubator and venture capitalist for massively scalable, technology-based companies. It provides mentorship and resources to help startups grow and scale. Their program had a lot of success in Calgary, with several companies going on to raise significant funding and launch successful products. It also has a sister concern, M-Tech Properties, which owns and manages real estate in North America. The best part of their incubator program is that they offer equity investments to selective innovative technology startups that meet their stringent criteria. Additionally, they help associates and incubator businesses access funding from other sources, such as grants from the Canadian Government and the City of Calgary.


4. Startup Calgary


Startup Calgary, established in 2010, serves as the ardent spokesman and unified voice for the entrepreneurship movement redefining Calgary. By fostering interactions between various people, ideas, and abilities, they aim to inspire and warmly welcome people into their community. In 2017, Startup Calgary merged with Calgary Economic Development to enhance services to the city’s early-stage entrepreneurs and strengthen the innovation ecosystem. Platform Calgary and Startup Calgary teamed up in January 2021 to create an even more robust platform for entrepreneurs to better coordinate events and resources for Calgary’s startup community.


5. Alberta Women Entrepreneurs


Alberta Women Entrepreneurs has been a pioneer in startup services in Calgary for the past 25 years by offering various programs catering to women-led businesses. Capital, connections, and capacity are the three primary resources provided by AWE to business owners of all sizes. Calgary is often overlooked as a male-dominant tech hub, but that’s changing thanks to the several women-led incubators helping startups get off the ground. With the help of AWE, many women are stepping into the journey of entrepreneurship.


Starting a business in Calgary is a big deal, but it can be a rewarding and exciting experience with the proper support. It is one thing to have a booming business idea but another to make it work. If you are on a trajectory of starting a business in Calgary, a startup incubator may become your perfect companion. The Calgary region is home to several incubators, each with its focus and areas of expertise. We hope the above list of top incubators based in Calgary will help you shortlist the best for your entrepreneurial journey.

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