How to create a car rental app in 2023?

04 Feb. 23

Are you a car owner looking to enhance your car rental business? The online market is ripe with opportunities to reach more customers and increase your revenue. Major players like Enterprise, Alamo, and Budget have already taken advantage of the trend by creating their own car rental apps. Don’t miss out on this chance to do the same.

Let’s Nurture Team can help you design and develop a customized car rental app that stands out from the rest. With our expertise, we can create innovative features to attract users and make your app user-friendly. Utilize technology to expand your reach and take your car rental business to new heights.

If you’re looking for more information on building a successful car rental app, this article that we have put togather can be a great starting point. Gain valuable insights and tips on how to make your app a success. With the right knowledge, you can launch your car rental app with confidence and establish a strong presence in the online market. Don’t wait, take advantage of this opportunity now!


Car rental industry statistics 


Online car rental apps like Enterprise, Turo, Alamo, Budget, and many more have created a strong position in the market by giving people the fastest and the best quality car services. Get a clear view of Canada’s revenue collection and several car rental services through the statistics provided below. 


  • About 2000 car rental companies are delivering their services in Canada as per the report of Insurdinary as of 2023.
  • The car rental industry in Canada has grown tremendously. The industry clocks about 5.5 billion dollars in revenue.. 
  • According to IBISWorld, the car rental industry is expected to increase by 2.3% of its market size in 2023 in Canada. 
  • According to Statista, the car rental business will generate 87% of the total revenue collection from online companies by 2027. 
  • The market volume can increase by 2.58 billion dollars by 2023. 


From this information, you might have been well aware of the market size of the car rental business. The industry is proliferating and creating significant revenue collection. Car rental apps have become popular among people with the development of technology. Card rental businesses have a new dimension with car rental mobile apps to reach out to the maximum number of people to deliver their services online. 

Do you want to know how to create a mobile application from scratch? Here, you can get a detailed description of every step of developing a car rental mobile app. You can follow these steps to create your own mobile app to provide a car rental service. 


How to build a car rental app in 6 steps ?


This section will give you an idea of a step-by-step car rental mobile app development. This information can help you develop a proper mobile app to help you create your car rental business. These steps will also help you manage your car rental business through the mobile app and engage users to get car rental services online using the mobile app. 


Step 1: conduct market research about your car rental mobile app


Conduct market research on your mobile app before hiring any company to develop your app. Market research is vital to help you gather information about the current trend of the market and the pain points, requirements, and needs of customers. This information is the most crucial factor in diving into developing any product. You need to satisfy your audience, and you should deliver what they require. Market research exactly helps you out with this concern. In this stage, you will get a vivid overview of what you need to offer to your audience, and therefore you can define the requirements of your mobile app development. The market research can give you an idea about monetization approaches and revenue models for your mobile app.

You might be thinking of how to conduct market research for your mobile app. This section will also provide you with this information. 


  • Check out the available car rental mobile apps in the app stores.
  •  Go through their features, reviews performance, and UX/UI design.
  • Identify the feedback from the customers these mobile apps have received.
  •  Evaluate the mistakes that your rival companies have made to increase their competitive advantage.
  •  Hire an expert company that conducts market research.


Step 2: create requirements for your car rental mobile app


The first step of market research can make you define the criteria for your rental app. To determine the requirements, you must know what to add to your app. As per the requirements, you can hire one of Canada’s leading mobile app development companies. 

Before developing your car rental app, consider some requirements in this section. 

First, you should develop the features you want to add to your app. 

The selection of a proper app development plan is essential. You can also create a cross-platform app that can run simultaneously on Android and IOS platforms and multiple devices. It can help you engage numerous users with your mobile app.

Develop a list of the font, colors, logo, design, components, features, and UI/UX design you plan to include in your mobile app. 


Step 3: create an admin and user panel app.


While operating your car rental mobile app, you will be managing customers, and you need an Admin panel and user panel app. The app development company can develop these panels for specific operating system platforms. You need to share every detail of your requirements with the app development companies, agencies, and developers to ensure that you get the best outcome from them. You also need to create regular communication with them to identify the progress and performance of your project. This stage is vital for your app development.


Step 4: Product development roadmap with app development company


You can develop a product roadmap plan with your app development company.  These are the ways you can create a product roadmap plan.

  • You need to understand the vision of the car rental app. Develop a clear and proper strategy to create the app.
  • Try to make the strategy user-friendly. Make the app development company get a clear view about your product vision, goals, and strategy so they can create the app exactly based on your desire. 
  • Also, explain the goal of the app to Let’s Nurture to help you meet your requirements. You should explain the features of the app you intend to include with the app development company. It will help the company plan smartly to add the features in the app.  
  • Use metrics to know the progress of the app through KPI metrics. It can help you to get insights about the performance. 
  • prioritize the actions of your app development and discuss them with the company. Focus on the most important tools, features and actions to create a proper car rental app.


Step 5: Pre-launch planning for the car rental mobile app or taxi booking app


After creating your app roadmap, you need to develop a pre-launching plan. The steps that you can follow for your pre-launching plan are discussed in the following.


Determine a particular release date You need to fix a specific release date for your car rental app. Fixing a particular date and helping you determine all your actions based on your schedule. The company can devote adequate time to every action for your app development and get adequate time to prepare the app for launch.
Create user persona In this step, you need to develop a user persona with the users’ backgrounds, demographics, interests, mobile preferences, app preferences, and identities. By creating a user persona, you can customize the app features as per the preference and requirements of the users. It can act as a base for the user journey design.
Analysis of competitors Analyse the position, products, apps, and audience of the competitors in the car rental industry. Ensure that your car rental app is not developed with repeated features of competitors, poor features, or poor UX design. Add some features that are unique and different from your competitors.
Promotion You need to promote your car rental app on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to let users get interested. Social media platforms can help you communicate with your target users. Share your car rental app’s purpose and features with the audience.



Step 6: Launch an App


After finishing all these stages, you have reached thfe last stage of launching your app. It is the most crucial stage of all. You must ensure that your mobile application is bug-free and ready to be established. The app development team will launch your app on your desired application store. Launching the mobile app on the selected app stores can take two or more days. 

If the app has been developed, maintaining all the guidelines of the app stores, your mobile app can be launched within 24 hours.


How much does it cost to build a mobile car rental app or Taxi Booking App?


The average expenditure for developing a mobile car rental app or a taxi booking app can range between 45000  to 2,00,000 dollars based on the app features and requirements. The cost can change when the geographical areas and other components change.



App development stages Cost of app development
Front end development / 

Wireframe Design

Prototype Development

15000 to 20000 dollars
User Interface Design

UX Research

5000 to 10000 dollars
Admin Dashboard Development

Database Architecture

10000 to 15000 dollars
API Development 9000 to 12000 dollars
Testing of the app 9000 to 10000 dollars


How much time does it take to create a mobile car rental app or taxi booking app?


A break-down of the adequate time to develop the car rental mobile app is presented in the following.


Actions Time Requirements
UI/UX design 200 hours It is a crucial part of app development methods. UI/UX design can make your car rental app easy to navigate. Users can generate an impression about your app when its design is attractive. Investing in this design is important for your app because it can increase users’ interest in it. They can also enjoy your app while using it.
Front end development 400 hours The features developed based on user experience are added in the front and development process. The features like payment integration, user login, registration, notification, vehicle tracking system, booking history, and booking process are implemented into a working solution.
Back end development 200 hours Developing a strong back end is vital for a successful car rental app. This section handles database management, payment platform, and data resource connection systems.
Web development 200 hours The admin panel of your app is a web app, and the main responsibility of the admin panel is to make a smooth functioning of your car rental app. The panel handles monitoring, controlling, and managing passengers and drivers in the app.


Testing 200 hours It is the final stage of app development. You need to test your app before its final launch. You can identify whether there is any bug or error in the app and can implement strategies to overcome those bugs.



The 8 best car rental apps in 2023


Apps Description Specification Ratings Compatibility
1.     Enterprise

Developer: Enterprise Holding Inc.



Enterprise is the best car rental service in Canada, operating in more than 9000 locations worldwide. The developer of this mobile app is Enterprise Holding Inc.


  1. You can find your car from a remote distance.
  2. Get regular updates about your reservation.
  3. Contact roadside assistance when you face any problem.
  4. Complete clean pledge of Enterprise ensures that the cars are sanitized and clean.
  5. Speedy signing using fingerprint recognition technology
  6. You can filter vehicles and your search to save for future reservations.


Google Play ratings: 4.6

App store ratings: 4.9


Android, Mac, iPhone, and iPad touch
2. Alamo

Developer: Enterprise Holding Inc.


One of the leading car rental service apps for unlimited mileage. The app offers 24/7 customer service.


  1. Get a faster car reservation service
  2. 24/7 customer care service
  3. Find the directions to your location
  4. Modification of your reservation as per your requirements
  5. Direct reservation approach for girls from any local area
  6. AI chatbot systems to communicate with the customers
App store rating: 4.9

Google Play rating: 4.6


Android, Mac, and iPhone
3. Budget

Developer: Avis Budget Group


Budget has also become one of the industry’s most popular car rental apps. You can get cheap but quality-based rental services through this app.


  1. It allows you faster returns.
  2. This app’s first break feature will allow you to change, modify and cancel reservations.
  3. The navigation system of this app can help you find your perfect location anywhere.
  4.  You can view and book your previous rentals in this app.


Download: Android and iPhone devices

App Store ratings: 3.5

Google Play ratings: 4.0


Android and iPhone devices


4. Hertz

Developer: The Hertz Corporation




Hertz has acquired its position in the car rental industry. Users can use this car rental app for airport booking. This app has made it easy for users to pick up a car avoiding airport counters.


  1. The app allows you to get upcoming reservation information.
  2. You can get receipts for your expense tracking.
  3.  It is inbuilt with the feature of search options for parking slots for the users with the help of SpotHero.
  4. The users can keep the previous car rental information for future bookings.
  5. You can make a fast booking through your previous rental.
  6. The ‘one touch login’ system makes your booking and reservation faster.
  7. It is linked with social media channels. You can log in with your social media accounts to dive into this app.


App store ratings: 4.8

Google Play ratings: 4.2


iPhone and Android devices
5.     Turo

Developer: Turo Inc.


Turo is an add-on to your search to get the best car rental apps. It has also become one of Canada’s most popular car rental services. It gives you an amazing experience to make your booking faster and easier. The vetted car owners provide their cars for rental.  You can select your favorite vehicle from a variety of cars in your surroundings.


  1. You can select your preferred car among unique rental cars.
  2. It allows you a direct booking system from a local host.
  3. It is built with an AI chatbot system to help users communicate with the parties in need.
  4. The app manages vehicles and tracks their performance.
  5. It has remote Technology for the car owners to earn money by sharing their car in the market.


App store ratings: 4.8

Google Play ratings: 4.9


Android and iPhone
6.     SIXT


As a regular commuter, you might have required car sharing on rentals. This app can allow you to get the best road trips. You can make a rapid car booking and manage and cancel your booking anytime.

It has a filtering feature that provides you with selecting the automobile and knowing seat counts.


  1. The users can book their trips with the car-sharing feature without restrictions on drop-offs, duration, and destination.
  2. It allows you to manage different profiles using a one-time login system.
  3. You can filter the prices, automobiles, driver age, and equipment per your preference.
  4. It helps in managing upcoming reservations and getting an overview of previous reservations.
  5. The app has the feature of Pre-scheduling a rental car.
  6. The user can also pay through a credit card securely.


App ratings: 4.7


Android and IOS devices
7.     Getaround


The app has connected 5 million users to provide them with an easy rental car service. It has instant car rental accessibility for a day or even an hour. Users can select their preferred vehicle from a variety of cars.


  1. It has an easy and quick approach to verifying the hosting or renting of a vehicle
  2. You can book a vehicle for an hour and a day.
  3. The users can locate the vehicle using their phones as it has a navigation system.


App ratings: 3.6


Android, Mac, and iPhone
8.     Zipcar Zipcar delivers car rental services in university campus metropolitan cities. It is a convenient app allowing users to select their preferred vehicles from multiple types of automobiles.
  1.  It enables users to book their vehicles through check-in options.
  2. It organizes the upcoming reservation details.
  3. It helps in accessing allocation with the navigation system.
  4. The users can change, modify and cancel their booking anytime.
  5. Users can select their preferred language to communicate with the parties.
  6. It has the feature of extending or changing the car service.
App ratings: 4.0


Android and iPhone


Do you need more information about car rental app development? Do you have any queries about the timeline and trends of app development? Check out the FAQ section to know the most frequently asked questions by business owners. 


FAQs About Car Rental App Development
FAQ 1. What are the most important things to consider before creating a car rental app?

If you are thinking about creating a car rental app, you must consider a few things. 

  • Create auto insurance for your cars.
  • Develop user-friendly integrated features to attract customers to your app.
  • Search for a custom app development for car rental services to create a competitive edge.
FAQ 2. Are there any types of car rental services?

  • Yes, you can find four types of car rental services in the market: Self-driven car rentals, outstation car rentals, local car rentals, and corporate car rentals.

FAQ 3. What are Self-driven car rentals?

  • In this type of car rental, the users can drive the vehicles themselves. They need to reserve the car for a certain period. 
FAQ 4. What is the advantage of local car rentals?

  • You can get a car rental for your nearby area to visit.

FAQ 5. Can I visit any place using the outstation car rental service?

  • Yes, this car rental service offers you to drive to any place you want to visit without thinking of an extra penny for expenses.
FAQ 6. What are the current rental industry trends for car service in 2023?

  •  The top trends in the car rental industry that can be found are artificial intelligence technology, rental accommodation in the airport, and online subscription packages to extend the rental.



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