Creating an Impactful Marketing Campaign

28 Jun. 21

An impactful marketing campaign can take your company from the common, everyday business to the next level of success. Sounds easy in theory, but creating impactful marketing is an art in and of itself. In fact, one 2018 study found that 72% of marketers consider a good content strategy as the primary key to their success. It will help you not only generate leads but to nurture them as well. Lead nurturing strategies are the method of converting leads to customers, reducing the cost per customer acquisition. There’s a variety of different strategies out there, so we’ve compiled 10 basic ideas to help you create a great marketing campaign. 

Influencers: The New ‘Celebrity Endorsement.’

I’m sure you remember those early morning commercials from the 90s and 2000s, a former celebrity sitting in front of the camera telling you how he loves the such and such grill or the ultra massage chair that breaks after a week. These types of endorsements in modern culture don’t particularly work anymore, as they feel unnatural and hooky. Instead, influencers are the new form of ‘celebrity endorsement.’

An influencer is strictly anyone who influences culture significantly through social media. They often have high follower counts which makes them attractive for marketing campaigns. Consider hiring one of these influencers by way of pay or free product. Many will be willing to do a product endorsement for your followers in exchange for payment. Not only does this method garner consumer trust, it also lets you access segments of a market you might not have previously had access to.

Social Media Messages Matter

Your Social Media and the messages you send through it are more valuable than you think. Social media platforms are excellent for advertising to both new and previous customers. They can help you capture previous demographics that your original ads or products may not have targeted. It also helps you to build brand loyalty and a relationship with your most valued customers. One way of measuring the success of your social media posts is by using analytics. These can be found on apps such as Instagram in your settings. They give you location information, charts showing your follower count over time, and your overall engagement and interactions on the things you post.

Keep your Content to a Calendar

One thing that makes marketing campaigns impactful is they’re well planned, intriguing to your consumer, and timely. To do this, it’s recommended your team develop what’s known as a content calendar. Content calendars are created using your site and social media analytics to help you decide when and what to post on a weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly basis. Keeping track of your posting frequency and content will help make sure your posting is consistent. There’s plenty of examples you’re able to find online as well.

Use Third-Party Tools to Understand your Strengths

There’s more than just social media analytics for your business to work with. Additionally, sites such as Google Analytics and Hubspot Analytics allow you to track the content your followers enjoy the most. You can use these third-party tools to track and publish what is best received by your consumers, which will boost your engagements and overall appeal to your audience. Having as many analytics as possible is key to understanding both the trends and overall interests of your niche business. Moreover, you can use Kissmetrics to track how many customers use coupon codes on your website to see which advertisers or partnerships are helping build your business.

Maintain a Company Blog

Another way to add effectiveness to an advertising campaign is to maintain a company blog. One recent study in fact found that businesses that maintain an active, consistent blog often experience 55% more visitors to their sites or social media pages. Blogs also help your business appear trustworthy and transparent; sharing sensitive information with your consumers helps you to build brand loyalty. Additionally, a company blog can be a great way to not only create more content for your brand; but to gain additional revenue as well. Consider placing Google Ads on your companies website to generate additional income for your business and subsequent ad campaign.

Host Events, Either Online or In Person

One great way to build excitement for your advertising campaign and a community around your brand or product is to host online or in-person events. It’s not only a great way to meet your customers face to face, but it humanizes your company to the consumer. In fact, 90% of marketers believe hosting events is a critical practice in order for businesses to form important, in personal relationships and connections with their consumers. Of course, due to issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic; hosting these in-person events aren’t as simple as before. Thankfully, products such as Facebook Live and Zoom can allow your team to take these events online and make the most of meeting your most avid fans over the web. 

Of course, there are more than just these tips for running a successful and impactful advertising campaign. You also need to be aware of both modern cultural trends and consumer trends as well. There’s no use in trying to sell your customer a product they either don’t need or don’t believe in. Consult other lists online for further ideas, and share some of your own marketing tips down below!

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