Creating an Attention Grabbing Interview

04 Aug. 21

Creating a good first impression in an interview is pivotal. Whether you’re interviewing for your dream job, being interviewed in relation to your profession, or any other setting; its important to be attention grabbing without seeming rude or obnoxious to your interviewee. This is especially important in the current crowded job market, where competition is at an all time high and bosses are more stringent about who they hire. You don’t just want to be another face in the crowd, and the job search methods of yesterday may no longer work for those on the hunt for employment. Below are four different methods you can use the power of the web, social media, and social engineering to become a memorable candidate at any job interview.

Ramping up your Resume

The resume is the jumping off point for any interview or job opportunity. Employers sift through hundreds if not thousands of potential employees every year, many generic and similar to each other. This is why its important to make your resume standout. Go beyond just listing your previous jobs and education history. Try to include a plethora of references to show yourself as a reliable worker (be sure as well to ask references beforehand if you can use them.) Including hobbies and interests might make you stick out, but this typically isn’t recommended for higher level employment, or professional opportunities in fields such as finance or science. All relevant certificates, including safe serve or WHMIS should also be included. One thing which may entice employers to hire you is including a personal list of goals you wish to reach professionally. Not only does this show you have a driven mindset to improve in the workplace, it gives your employers an idea of what you wish to accomplish, and in turn can assist you in reaching those goals. Volunteer work is also recommended on your resume, as it shows you to be both charitable with your free time and a productive member of society.

Using Facebook Advertising

Social media is a rampant aspect of our society. Facebook in particular has close to 4 billion users at the time of writing. But many people don’t see these platforms as an opportunity for employment, or putting themselves out there to employers to get hired. Facebook Ads allow you to sell yourself and network with ease online, getting you in contact with businesses and professionals who might be intrigued in working with you after seeing your ad. This can also be a great way for beginning freelancers to reach out and receive new clients, helping you build a customer base. It’s best to keep your ads concise and honest. Don’t oversell yourself, as you may not reach expectations which could damage your professional reputation. Include your qualification, skills, offer up a brief resume and a portfolio if possible. Portfolios are a great way to show off your skills to new clients, and allow you to demonstrate your work in real time.

In Interviews, Don’t be Afraid to be Personal

One of the main ways we get opportunities or goals reached is with the assistance of others. While this is an obvious fact of life, we often forget that during a job interview we’re forming a relationship with our potential employer. Because of this, we need to get in touch with them on a personal level and relate and empathize with them. Go into interviews with a mindset to learn more not just about the business itself but those who run it. Ask personal questions not just about the history of the company, but about the lives of those who are interested in you. It will go a long way at making you far more memorable in the interview pool. This might also assist you in learning about the expectations and duties of the position you’re applying for. Whatever the case, getting to know your employer and allowing them to get to know you helps to foster efficient, close relationships that result in great work and even better returns.

Bring Ideas, but be Respectful

New ideas and the diversity of thought are the lifeblood of any business. It may be a good idea during interviews to offer feedback and ideas about the business in particular you’re interviewing for. These makes you appear knowledgeable about the business, and also shows ambition to help better the business and bring it to the next level. There is a catch, however. Try to sculpt your feedback and suggestions in ways that down punch down on the current management or business plan. This might make you appear as a know-it-all. Instead, maintain a respect for the current way of things while offering new ideas on how things can be even better. Remember to be humble, as you still don’t know everything about your new opportunity, and both you and your employer have room to learn when you share new ideas.

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