Co-Working Spaces in Nova Scotia

28 Oct. 21

What does your workspace look like? Do you spend the day in coffee shops typing away on your assignments and spreadsheets, spending $7 per coffee and trying to drown out the noise? Maybe you’re a student working in a small library but you feel you can’t focus or get comfortable. If you haven’t heard of coworking spaces, they might be the solution you’re looking for to up your productivity and feel more comfortable when working. 

What is a Coworking Space?

For those who don’t know, coworking spaces are designed as shared office spaces in order to allow multiple businesses and individuals to work together in a collaborative atmosphere. Coworking spaces help you work harder because you’re discussing ideas with like-minded professionals, who in turn can become collaborators in these spaces. This leads to better work, the formation of business relationships, and the possibility of networking and finding new work opportunities. So, let’s cover some of the best coworking spaces currently available in Nova Scotia.


Seeking to build a coworking community in the Downtown Halifax area, Flexwork is all about independence, flexibility, and freedom in a workspace; with a number of peers and collaborators working out of the same space.  Beyond this sense of community, Flexwork offers memberships without rigid leases, for everything from shared spaces to private offices for you and your team; and amenities such as high-speed internet, coffee & tea, varied workspaces, and meeting rooms. They even offer mail services if you need to send packages or mail to memberships or other businesses.

Many Hats Inc

Based on the motto, ‘work for yourself, not by yourself”, Many Hats Inc is a coworking space that offers 13 private officers, a large shared office with an ocean view, a members lounge, coworking space, and board rooms for brainstorming, testing, and discussion. Clearly, Many Hats value the importance of group activities; and they show this not just in the layout of their building; but in the other benefits, they offer to their members such as workshops, guided meditation, yoga courses, fitness events, and photography sessions. All this and more, Many Hats also currently offers a COVID-19 discount for new members. 

Work Evolved

Created to serve rural communities in Nova Scotia’s South bay area, Work Evolved offers three spaces for private facility rentals for meetings, workshops, and special events. They also offer meeting rooms, office spaces, permanent and hot desks, as well as 24/7 membership and customer support options. They also offer free wifi, free parking, free coffee, and networking opportunities with industry experts and other members of the space. Still not convinced? Work Evolved offers a free day pass for you to tour, explore, and learn at their centers in Bridgewater and Liverpool. Work Evolved even offers the opportunity to open your own Work Evolved space in other rural parts of Atlantic Canada. 

The Old Apothecary

Ignore the Victorian-sounding name for a second, because The Old Apothecary is a great coworking space with a nice East Coast vibe. This coffee shop on Barrington Street is a great place to relax and get to work, and if you’re the busy-body type, it’s close to almost anywhere you need to visit as a professional in downtown Halifax. This unique spot should be on the top of your list for Halifax coworking spaces. 

Volta Labs

Designed more so for the tech genius and entrepreneur, or for just students who have a few bright ideas; Volta Labs is a great spot located on Barrington and Spring Garden. This vibrant coworking space is well-furnished, and comfortable, and offers board and meeting rooms for your team. Not only that, Volta Labs hosts a plethora of events from networking events, to founder chats, pitch meetings, hackathons, and other important information sessions. Whatever you need, Volta Labs has it.

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