AR Treasure Hunts: Your New Favourite Summer Activity

27 Aug. 21

The Summer season provides us all with ample opportunities to get outside and enjoy the sun. Whether you’re a golfer, looking to surf, out for a walk, or simply having a beer on the porch; the season is the perfect time for people to let their hair down and enjoy themselves. Maybe you’re a bit of a techie however, and you find it hard to pull yourself away from your screen time even when the weather is nice. Not to worry, because there’s a plethora of new activities you can do outside that are powered by some of your favourite technologies.

Augmented reality is a type of visual technology which superimposes computer data over your real world surroundings, effectively ‘augmenting’ them. Typically, this will be done in the setting of a game or event, think Pokemon Go or using your cell phone at a museum to scan a QR code. One other fun use of this tech is the AR Scavenger Hunt, a real world hunt for treasures and objects using your smart phone to find hidden objects, accomplish puzzles, and use clues to solve problems. AR Scavenger Hunts are a great twist on the typical scavenger hunt, using eye catching and rich augmented reality HUDs to enhance the real world around you, and to influence the story you’re trying to tell with your scavenger hunt. These games ultimately let players engage both with a new technology that is educational, as well as get outside and exercise themselves in the beautiful weather. If you’re looking for a great activity for your next family get together, company outing, or birthday party; you can’t go wrong with AR treasure hunting!

AR Scavenger Hunts and your Business: How to Take Advantage of this Fun Technology’s

As said before, AR Scavenger Hunts are a great way to engage and educate your employees, family, and friends. Many businesses could in fact use AR to their advantage for a number of factors. For example, you could educate future potential employees at Job Fair events by offering a scavenger hunt to college and high school students; educating them about your companies purpose and functions while getting them to find clues and solve problems. Additionally, you could use scavenger hunts as a unique way for launching and promoting your product, brand, or event. Tourism is also a popular sector for utilizing augmented reality. It helps to directly engage and educate visitors of your country, and can be used to provide information regarding the culture and customs of your area. You can even use AR scavenger hunts for your business. Consider offering a scavenger hunt for discounted items, coupons, or free subscriptions to products and services offered by your business. Not only can this possibly  boost your sales, but it increases your overall customer engagement and endears you to the customer.

Beyond simply enhancing your business, AR Scavenger Hunts can also be used in a variety of relationship building ways, which help strengthen an atmosphere of collaboration, accountability, honesty, and communication at your business. Consider spicing up a party or company get together with a scavenger hunt for drinks or party favours; or even use an AR scavenger hunt event as a human resources or training exercise. These help create unforgettable team building events, which builds trust among colleagues and paves the way for great work relationships down the line. Finally, AR scavenger hunts can simply make great additions to the company events you already run. They are an exciting attraction with incentive for participation, and can increase the overall attendee engagement and numbers for your businesses next outing.

For running an AR Scavenger Hunt, the basic features of such an event involve it taking place both indoor and outdoors; offering solo hunts or team play as well. The events are usually timed with a countdown, feature AR content, as well as a scoreboard and membership system your team will need to sign up for in order to participate.

The AR features incorporated into treasure hunts typically involve the use of QR codes, your GPS location, image clues and 3D object scans to give hints, as well as scanning the environment with your phones camera for additional hints, clues, and hidden objects. Additionally, some scavenger hunts may use text, audio, web links, Q/A sessions, and other digital features and means of providing clues to the treasure hunters.

Of the more advanced features of scavenger hunts using AR, there are often mini games, real time notifications, GPS tracking, and multiple question systems for more complex problems and clues. Awards are typically given through badges, points, QR vouchers, company coupons, or free items and gifts.

There are a number of free AR scavenger hunt platforms available both for individuals and businesses alike. Don’t stand on the side lines, take your next meeting to the next level and introduce an AR scavenger hunt to your business, home, or friends today!

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