The Agri-Innovate Grant Program

15 Sep. 21

The agricultural industry is undoutedly one of the most important economic sectors in the world. Not only does it help us keep our ecosystems and biospheres in check through regular tilling of soil and the rejuvenation of land, but it keeps our society fed and healthy through the production of healthy, natural produce and animal products. However, the upkeep, maintenance, and development of agricultural structures and inventions is a very costly endevour for almost any farmer or small company.

This is where Canada’s Agri-Innovate grant program steps in. The program aims to provide financial contributions to projects which seek to accelerate the commercialization or adoption of new, innovative agricultural products, technologies, methods, and services. The application for this grant is available for any business dealing primarily with agriculture and the development of agricultural technology. The projects in question must have a projected completion date of March 31st, 2023. 

Agri-Innovate Program Overview

As stated before, the grant seeks to provide funding for any agricultural company seeking to innovate products, technologies, services, and methods for imporiving competitive and sustainable farming. Your application needs to clearly show the project, how it will be commercialized, adopted, and demonstrated, and how your business will function. Additionally, your project will need to focus on one of the following priorities for development:

  • Adopting new or world leading green technology.
  • Increasing productivity via better manufacturing practices and improved automation or robotics.
  • Improve’s Canada’s value agriculture sectors and businesses
  • Or secures and helps to expand into new export markets.

In addition to this, projects which focus on multiple industry priorities will likely be given better consideration and funding. Those approved will receive montetary support which can be repaid. 

Eligibility for the Grant

The main eligibility is that you must be a for profit organization or business which is incorporated in Canada. This includes businesses and companies, co-operative like businesses, and corporations in Indigenous communities. Eligible applicants be have legal documentation and be a documented, legal business in the contry of Canada and enter into legally binding contracts related to funding. In addition to this, the applicants must meet the following minimum criteria: 

  • Provide 50% of the funding towards the eligibile project costs.
  • The requested funding does not exceed $10 million.
  • The government funding applied to your project does not exceed 75% of the overall project costs.

In addition to this, businesses working with various activities related to agricultural may also receive funding if they are able to: 

  • Commercialization of agricultural, agri-food, or agri-tech products and services where the innovation will be put on market at the projects completion.
  • Adopting agrilcutural, agri-food, or agri-based products and technologies which can be adapted to existing businesses or operations.
  • Demonstrating innovative technology for the agricultural industry, as well as providing documentation and testing to show the technology has been fully vetted.

Applying for the Agri-Innovate Grant:

The application process for the Agri-Innovate grant involves two stages, the pre-screening section and the application process. The first step involves the completion of a pre-screening form which will outline your businesses goals, its agricultur technology it is offering, among other detailed information related to your business. The second stage is the actual application, which are completed online. Applications which are left unfinished will be available for the user to finish within 30 days. It should be noted that an invitation to submit your application is not approval for funding. Applications will continue to be taken until March 31, 2023. 

After you Apply:

Once your application has been received, Agri-Food Canada will verify your forms and documentation to ensure everything has been properly completed and the appropriate details have been collected. You may receive contact asking for more information related to your business before your application is complete. Typically, you will receive notification of your approval or rejection within 100 business days of submitting your complete application.

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