Digital Main Street Grant for Ontario Businesses

15 Sep. 21

Operating and starting your digital business, especially in a larger city like Ontario and Toronto, can seem like a daunting task to a new business owner. Thankfully, there are a variety of programs both offered by the government as well as third party groups which offer financing to small businesses. Digital Main Street, a digital development company based out of Ontario; offers two grants through their business. Let’s cover them further.

The Digital Main Street Digital Transformation Grant:

The first grant offered by Digital Main Street is their Digital Transformation grant program. This program is designed to provide a one time funding and online training for any brick and mortar business who need assistance in their overall digital adaption and transformation plan. If approved, DMS provides a one time payment of $2,500 to eligible businesses. 

The Digital Mainstreet Digital Transformation Grant has the following objectives when it comes to supplying grants and funding to applicable businesses:

  1. To provide small business owners with a plan to help guide their business into the digital world.
  2. To provide small business owners with digital literacy skills, helping them make decisions when purchasing digital services.

Eligibility for the Digital Transformation Grant:

  • Have a brick and mortar store location in the Ontario area.
  • Employ anywhere from 1-50 people.
  • You have not previously received the DTG.
  • Pays commercial property tax either directly or through their commercial rent.
  • Is either incorporated or registered as a business in Ontario.
  • Is open and operating at the time of application and not a startup.
  • Is open to walk in service and provides onsite purchases of their products or services.
  • Is NOT supplying digital services to other businesses.
  • Is NOT franchised, and is not individually owned and operated.
  • Is NOT a not for profit or charity industry.
  • Is NOT a rented office or temporary space.
  • Is NOT a shared workspace such as a hot desk.
  • Is NOT a purely online or eCommerce business.

Additionally, the owner will need to be an Ontario resident and Canadian citizen who is at least 18-years-old and has completed the Digital Main Street Assessment, has passed the eligibility quiz, the online training, and has developed their digital transformation plan.

The Digital Service Squad Grant

In addition to the Digital Transformation Grant offered by Digital Main Street, they also offer their Digital Service Squad Grant. This program is focused in assisting your brick and motar business with the adaption of various technologies. The program provides training, support, and funding in order to hire members for your Digital Service Squad.

Who is Eligible for the Digital Service Squad Grant?

For those looking to apply for the DSS grant, it is open to applicants who are able to meeting the following requirements: 

  • A BIA located in Ontario.
  • A municipality chamber of commerce or small business enterprise center which is located in Ontario.
  • An area where one of the following applies on behalf of a collaboration or partnership which includes a municipality, chamber of commerce, or small enterprise centre.

Eligible and Ineligible Costs:

There are a number of costs for equipment, staff, and other materials which are eligible under the DSSG. Let’s break those down: 

  • Equipment costs up to $1,200 per member.
  • Chromebook style laptops or equivalents.
  • 360-degree camera kits. 
  • Ankle battery packs, tripods, and equivalent camera equipment. 
  • A mobile hot spot service, up to a maximum cost of $200. This does not cover the service costs.

Additionally, there are a number of costs which is ineligible for the DSSG:

  • Marketing, including printing and distribution of poscards, flyers, and other promotional materials.
  • Any travel costs based on provincial mileage rate. 
  • Cell phone costs for squad members. (Only $50 maximum per month.)
  • Personal protection equipment.
  • Platform or subscription fees.
  • Wages or salaries for your squad members or staff.

For more information about either of these grants, or for more grants located both in Canada and the various provinces; consult Let’s Nurtures grant section; or contact us for a free grant consultation for Canadian businesses.

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