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Types of Technology for XR Training

VR Vision provides innovative virtual reality training solutions. It specializes in two dynamic VR training modes: Interactive 360 Video and CGI Simulations.

  • Interactive 360 Video

    Stereoscopic 360 videos are very immersive. They are great for training on soft skills and safety/orientation. They are better than traditional videos because they are more engaging and immersive.

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    CGI Simulations

    Immersive digital doubles are used to train on complex procedures. They do it quickly and accurately. They eliminate the need for costly repetition and errors. They are ideal for people who need to train in technical jobs.

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Unveiling Possibilities. Crafting Realities.s

At VR Vision, we don't just create virtual reality—we tailor-make experiences. Join us on this transformative journey and let's redefine the horizons of enterprise training together.


Planning & Development

Our experienced team works closely with you. They want to understand your training needs and goals. This personalized approach creates a strong foundation for your virtual reality training. It helps you succeed and adapt in the long term.


Shape the Virtual, Perfect the Reality

We use advanced VR tools to create a realistic training environment. Our focus on accuracy helps trainees learn practical skills faster, improving efficiency.


From Our Realm to Yours

You can say goodbye to complicated setups and tech headaches. Our deployment process makes sure that your VR training solutions are integrated easily. This provides a hassle-free experience for both trainers and trainees. This means you will have more time for training and less time for troubleshooting.


Your Control Center in the Cloud

The Vision Portal is more than just a management tool—it's the future of VR training oversight. Monitor user progress, gather insightful analytics, and tweak training modules on-the-fly. Empower your training teams with data-driven insights, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptation.

Virtual Reality Training Modes

Technology supports various training modes, allowing trainers to securely and efficiently connect with their teams, collaborate, assess, and simulate scenarios in virtual setting.

Single Player Modes

  • Evaluation 
  • Interactive
  • Education 

Multiplayer Modes

  • Trainer Led Education 
  • Trainer Led Evaluation

Development Process for Virtual Reality Training

Our development experts create virtual reality courses that fit each organization's needs. They use a strict process. They work with client experts to make sure trainees and trainers get the best results.

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