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SQLite Database Design & Integration For Mobile Apps!

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SQLite is an RDS system, contained in C programming library. It does not have a separate server and reads and writes directly to ordinary disk files.

SQLite is an in-procedure library that executes a self-contained, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database motor. The code for SQLite is in the public domain and is, therefore, free for utilization for any reason, business or private. SQLite is the most generally deployed database on the planet with a greater number of uses than we can tally, including several high-profile.

SQLite Features:

  • Transaction: Atomic, consistent, isolated, durable (ACID) even after system crashed and power failures.
  • Zero Configuration: No set-up is needed.
  • Complete database is stored in a single cross-platform disk file. Apt for use as an application file format.
  • Supports terabytes sized database
  • Simple and easy to use API.
  • Cross-platform: Android, *BSD, iOS, Linux, Mac, Solaris, VxWorks, and Windows (Win32, WinCE, WinRT) are supported out of the box. Easy to port to other systems.
  • Comes with a standalone command-line interface (CLI) client that can be used to administer SQLite databases.
  • No External dependencies(self-contained)

Uses for SQLite

  • Database for Internet of things: Popular choice for database engine in mobiles Applications, PDA Applications, MP3, set- top boxes etc.
  • It has small code footprints so its is reliable, makes efficient use of space, bandwidth and doesn’t need maintenance from the database administrator.
  • It makes an excellent application file format as it will make your data easily available and cross-platform with transactional updates.
  • Website Database: It is a good choice as it requires no configuration and stores information in ordinary disk files, for small to medium sized websites.

SQLite database management services at Lets Nurture

SQLite is a decent alternative to make application improvement wonderful, quicker and more straightforward. As it doesn’t utilize any need configuration or an administrator to create a new database, this entire thing spares us from setup complexities. SQLite is ACID agreeable and as a normal record they can be found anyplace in the directory hierarchy. It is made accessible as a single ANSI-C and added to larger projects. It is suitable to both iOS and Android application.

We have been implementing SQLite effectively in our memory constraint applications. With the assistance of intense SQL inquiries, we impressively diminish the unpredictability of use code. As SQLite obliges no configuration and it stores data in a common circle record, utilizing it as the database motor for low to medium activity sites is recommendable.

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