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KitchenFarms: A device that can tell what your plant needs!

What is KitchenFarms?

KitchenFarms is an IoT-based Solution that aims to encourage urban commercial and hobby farmers, providing technological support in all aspects of farming activity.

What does KitchenFarms device do?

KitchenFarms brings you the Smart Farming Solutions by helping you monitor your plants’ health everyday. Right from the amount of water required and temperature to Sunlight and moisture, urban farmers can now easily keep a track on the growth of their plants and food via the mobile application.

Who can use KitchenFarms?

Urban Farmers

Urban Farmers

Commercial Farmers

Commercial Farmers

Marijuana Producers

Marijuana Producers

How does a KitchenFarms device work?


Easy-to-use Device

Place the device near your plants and connect it with the application via bluetooth.


Add Your Plant Database

Whether you have a single plant or a garden, you can remote check how your plants are doing by uploading your plants’ database into the app.


Remote Diagnosis of Your Plant Health

Keep a track of your plant’s health and its environmental conditions via the application, and generate reports.


Manage Nutrition Supply

Easily control nutrition supply to your plant remotely when required. You will be able to check moisture in the soil, Sunlight, and other atmospheric aspects.

How to buy?

Anyone can come and register on our website/app as a farmer.

Farmers can procure our device(s), depending on the size of their respective plantation.

Each of the KitchenFarms devices can cover an area of 30sq.m.

Farmers can procure hardware devices for CAD 149(1 device), CAD 249(2 devices) or CAD 499(6 devices). For larger farms we provide custom grid set up, upon request.

Farmers can register for free, and get verified by our team.


How much would a KitchenFarms device cost?

1 Device CAD 149
2 Devices CAD 249
6 Devices CAD 499
Software Free

Why KitchenFarms?

  • Minimal effort, plug and play easy-to-use hardware
  • Perfectly suited for urban farming
  • Low cost of deployment
  • Diverse capabilities, covering all aspects of agri process

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What technological solutions does KitchenFarms use to help urban farmers?

An IoT based smart agriculture solution, KitchenFarms uses IoT sensor technology to monitor crop health. From knowing the right amount of water and temperature to Sunlight and moisture, urban farmers can keep a track on the growth of their plants and food via mobile application.

How do I Set up the KF sensors for my urban farm?

Our hardware is a plug and play model, where there is not much technical set up required. You would just need to link the purchased device in our mobile app, and push in the sensor about 1 inch into the soil on your farm/garden. Each device can cover a 25 sq ft area.

Can I set up multiple farms in my profile?

Yes, we have provisioned for all users to set up multiple properties, with a distinct set of sensors.

What would be the hardware requirement for my 100sft KitchenFarm ?

We would estimate 4 sensors, to cover a 100 Sq ft area.

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