What is Kitchen Farms

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What is Kitchen Farms?

Kitchen Farms brings a balanced combination of technology and innovation to the table.

Kitchen Farms is an IoT system that aims to encourage urban commercial and hobby farmers, providing technological support in all aspects of farming activity, from seed sowing right up to produce selling.

It also provides a verified and trustworthy source of organic produce to the increasingly health and environment conscious urban consumers

Kitchen Farms Solutions Offered by Let’s Nurture

Kitchen Farms is dedicated to food sustainability. It helps farmers on three fronts: advocacy, market place, and technology. As a guide, it offers the right guidance to farmers with webinars, interviews, and several other useful resources.

It also provides the right advice to help farmers, including buying and selling activities in the marketplace. Also, it enables them to produce crops in the right quantity for profitable outcomes.

Technological Solutions for Urban Farmers

Technological Solutions for Urban Farmers

Track your production with the help of our sensor technology and get the requisite information about the right sunlight and temperature to facilitate the growth of plants. Also, users can self-water them by using our dedicated mobile application.

Marketplace for Urban Farmers

Marketplace for Urban

We provide a marketplace to urban farmers so they can grow vegetables and make money by selling them to us. Besides, we also provide the home delivery option wherein urban farmers can have their orders delivered at their customers’ doorstep.

Kitchen Farm’s Food Sustainability Solutions

Kitchen Farm’s Food Sustainability Solutions

Ever since its inception, Kitchen Farms has been keen on working for the cause of promoting food sustainability solutions. We do our best to implement this idea into action through the following solutions:

Support for Urban Farmers

Support for Urban

From webinars to resources and guidance, we provide everything to help urban farmers to get the requisite information about sustainable food production to match the demands of the marketplace.

Why Kitchen Farms?

Minimal effort, plug and play hardware

Perfectly suited for urban farming

Low Cost of deployment

Diverse capabilities, covering all aspects of agri process

Suitable for all types of produce farming

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What technological solutions does Kitchen Farms use to help urban farmers?

Kitchen Farms uses IoT sensor technology to monitor crop health. From knowing the right amount of water and temperature to Sunlight and moisture, urban farmers can keep a track on the growth of their plants and food via mobile application.

What is the marketplace of Kitchen Farms all about?

Kitchen Farms’ marketplace provides a market to urban farmers for buying and selling their production.

How do I Set up the KF sensors for my urban farm?

Our hardware is a plug and play model, where there is not much technical set up required. You would just need to link the purchased device in our mobile app, and push in the sensor about 1 inch into the soil on your farm/garden. Each device can cover a 25 sq ft area.

Can I set up multiple farms in my profile?

Yes, we have provisioned for all users to set up multiple properties, with a distinct set of sensors.

What would be the hardware requirement for my 100sft Kitchen farm ?

We would estimate 4 sensors, to cover a 100 Sq ft area.

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