Product Catalogue App Solution for Sales Marketing Representatives

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Product Catalogue App Solution for Sales Marketing Representatives

Our unique solutions help businesses to leverage digitization by bringing more visibility, outreach, and enhanced execution of product marketing campaigns-all at a fraction of standard recurring costs.

Why a Product Catalogue App development is a must for Small businesses?

Product catalogue app development is now possible in a very short span of time by hiring expert web and mobile developers. This means that more and more small businesses are taking advantage of the tools and resources that were once only available to large enterprises. It’s time to take advantage before you fall behind.

Need of Product Catalogue App Solutions

Statistica reports that mobile internet had around four billion users as of 2017. This number has increased exponentially ever since.

The purpose of a product catalogue is to reach the target audience and promote the latest products. Old fashioned product catalogue marketing like print media, advertisements in newspapers or magazines are passe. In the 21st century you have the world in your hands. It’s time to use it.

Product catalogue app solutions has following benefits:

Product list

Product catalogue app solutions not only help businesses to gain more outreach, but also to save significant expenses by eliminating recurring printing costs.

Videos and slideshow

Product catalogue app is also an environment friendly solution.

Customer interaction

Use the data generated to interact more meaningfully to your customers, and ensure that you give them what they want. Personalized experiences can be automated into unique value propositions.

Offline catalog access

Keep your sales representatives up to date with your full collection of products and services even when they’re offline.

Product Catalogue App Features

Product Listings

Users can select from a wide range of products with detailed features.

Easy Navigation

We help businesses with catalogue app solutions which are easy to navigate and utilize the best UI/UX. This feature can be vital for customer retention.

Videos and Slideshow

Given the importance of feature listings, we develop catalogue mobile applications with video and slideshow functionality.

Offline Catalogue Access

Downloading catalogues offline is always an attractive option. Our catalogue app solutions make it easy.

Messaging & Communication

Customers can send a query or call to the product support team quickly and easily. This builds trust, enhances quality of service, allows the customer to make their selection without worrying about making an uninformed choice.


It is always important to keep your customers updated. This feature allows you to send text or push notifications to your mobile app users.

Quick Order Module

The last time you want to lose a sale is during the checkout process. The quick-order module makes it fast and easy for the customer to place an order, getting them through this crucial phase with as few obstacles as possible.

Advanced Search

Make it easy to perform complex searches of large catalogues with the inclusion of advanced search capabilities.

New Arrivals

This app feature will help customers to have a look at the latest product ranges in order to get their hands on any product from your newest and most exciting stock

Payment System Options

Payment gateway integration using PayPal, Stripe, etc. and options to pay with a debit or credit card.

Smart Features we can integrate to Catalogue Apps

BLE/ iBeacon Technology Integration

Our expertise in the domain of iBeacon app development allows us to provide iBeacon solutions to your catalogue app. With our own iBeacons placed in your showrooms, you can leverage an additional communication channel.

Smart Tags

For the big ticket products in your catalogue, we can offer an add-on feature with the catalogue app development to track valuables leveraging NFC, RFID, GPS and Geofence technologies.

Asset Tracking

Tracking products while in transit was never easy, but it is now thanks to GPS/Geofence technology. Adding real-time tracking features using Map integration to your product catalogue will let businesses to track big ticket products in transit, from warehouse to showrooms delivery.

Why choose us for Product Catalogue App development services?

Our experienced team of mobile app developers and consultants understand the concerns of clients and ensure that our solution eases their concerns and adds value to their business.

“Let our work speak for itself”

  • 10+ years of experience in custom web/ mobile application development
  • Operations in USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia and India for catalogue app development services
  • 2510+ projects delivered successfully
  • Clutch awarded us as 2018 Leaders in Australia and Canada for Web/ Mobile apps development services
  • AWS partner network
  • NDIA500 Quality Awards Nominee: Top most promising IT company 2018
  • Dedicated team for product catalogue app development with maintenance & support
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified product catalogue mobile app development company
  • Global client base in 35+ countries
  • 100+ in-house employees at our Offshore Development Center (ODC) in Ahmedabad, India
  • Google Certified Partner
  • Best IoT Project 2018 Award winners
  • Agile methodology that ensures timely project completion for catalogue applications
  • Adherence to coding and business standards with timely and quality deliverables

Frequently Asked Questions :)

Should I go for a web app development or a mobile app would be better for my product catalogues?

Mobile devices helped drive roughly $2 trillion in offline retail sales last year, comprising two-thirds of all shopping in that category for 2016, a Forrester study found. By 2021, consumers will spend $152 billion directly on mobile phones, or almost 24 percent of total online sales. These numbers tell us the exponential growth in mobile users who demand everything on the palm of their hands and accessible with a few taps. We recommend to have both in order to cover all the possibilities for business growth.

Which payment system would be the best suited for catalogue app?

For a global domain, Stripe or Paypal work best and for local regional domain, we recommend Payment Gateway which is the most prominent or widely accepted in that region.

Should I have a refund policy in my catalogue app?

It completely depends on the business vertical that you are addressing. For big ticket product and service purchases, this refund is not advisable and for FMCG products and services, there can be a standard return and refund policy.

Will I have to go for two separate apps for buyers and sellers?

This depends on business use-case and budget availability. However, we strongly recommend common app where one user can have both, buying and selling capabilities. Requiring a vendor to download a second app to buy from your platform is not ideal. We can provide profile switch option with single login.

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