Salesforce CRM Integration Services

Even if you’re unfamiliar with the world of CRM software, there’s a good chance you’ve probably still head of Salesforce. Salesforce is one of the primarily used CRM systems in existence right now, given its great design and bevy of features included out of the box. Not only does it allow for easy communication to your customers and provides a better customer service experience overall, Salesforce also allows every sector of your company from marketing, sales, commerce, and service to see important data related to your customers, revenue, and sales. Salesforce also has an easy to use dashboard system which is designed with a plethora of illustrations, charts, and layouts that make digging through and analyzing your data simpler.

Salesforce CRM Integration, Offered by Let’s Nurture

Let’s Nurture loves the Salesforce system, and because of that, we’re happy to announce we are now assisting our customers with the setup, implementation, maintenance, and tutorials and walk throughs for the Salesforce CRM system. Let’s take a look at a few of the services Let’s Nurture plans to offer for Salesforce users.

  1. Integrating Salesforce CRM into your Business: Before we can begin to utilize Salesforce for you and your business, we need to go through the process of integrating. This is done by merging your preexisting company data together, particularly your sales and marketing divisions. This allows your employees to more easily identify trends within your data and can cause small amounts of lead generation and revenue growth if utilized properly.
  2. Keep your Insights Up to Date: Insights are important for any business, as they allow additional visibility to how well your marketing campaigns are functioning and allow you to send out bulk, traceable emails to bolster your efforts. In addition to this, insights can be used for automated alerts related to contact activity so your business is able to respond faster to a potential customer. It also allows you to prioritize and manage your follow-ups and lead scoring, leading to more closed sales and higher revenue returns for your business.
  3. Platform Alignment and Easy Communication: Regardless of the platforms your employees are using, or where they are located globally; Salesforce CRM makes real time communication simple. Not only does it automatically replicate, refresh, and sync your Salesforce database every 15 minutes, but these syncs appear for all employees or clients using your Salesforce integration. It also houses all your marketing data in one place, to help keep track of sales and total revenue.

Of course, there are many other applications for Salesforce CRM not covered here. If your business is curious about adopting the Salesforce CRM to their company, or if you’d like to book a free consultation with the Let’s Nurture team, feel free to contact us. We have over two decades of experience helping businesses better themselves through the use of innovative technology and solutions.

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