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Open Project CRM Integration Services

Let’s be honest: trying to manage a number of business projects over the internet can be difficult at best, and tedious and nightmarish at worst. Project management, the process of ensuring all employees and aspects of a project are coming together, is one of the biggest challenges for any business for a variety of reasons. For one, you may have employees who work and complete tasks at different rates or speeds, or you might simply be lacking a tool for project management which can greatly complicate the process. This is where OpenProject comes in, a great open source project management tool used by companies such as Siemens, Linux Professional Institute, Kronos, and not for profit organizations such as GreenPeace and Carnegie Mellon University.

These esteemed clients are just some of the hundreds of businesses taking advantage of this great software. With Let’s Nurture, you and your company can now utilize this same great system, with our team there to help you on every step of the way. Let’s break down what you can use OpenProject for, and how Let’s Nurture can make the most out of your new favorite business tool.

OpenProject by Let’s Nurture

There’s plenty of ways to use OpenProject. It comes loaded with a great amount of features that will support your team throughout your project’s life cycle and beyond, working with you to streamline the process.

  1. Project Portfolio Management: The project portfolio section of OpenProject is a great way to have an overview of your company’s entire project porfilio. This lets you create structures and hierarchies based on your company’s priorities, and allows you to keep in eye on the status for each project in your dashboard.
  2. Project Planning and Schedueling: With the project planning dashboard, you can allow your team to work collaboritaavely to create a planned schedule for your projects and how they’ll be released. You can also define the key goals of your project, breaking them down into smaller tasks for your employees to chip away at. You can also use analytics to show how long the project may take, and the overall scope of its development.
  3. Transparent Task Management: If you have a team member who is struggling or falling behind, OpenProject allows for easy tracking of tasks. You can help by organizing and prioritizing, as well as assigning tasks to specific employees. Plus, your tasks and communications are all stored on one dashboard to ensure the entire team is up to date about the work being completed.
  4. Time Tracking and Budgeting for Projects:  Making sure to keep track of both your budget and the amount of time you’re spending on projects is important to making sure you deliver your work on time to your clients. It’s also important to understanding how much of your company’s resources you’re allocating, and how to plan for the cost of each phase of your project. Through the time tracking and budgeting dashboard, you can easily access this information in OpenProject to make informed decisions towards your budget and timeframes.
  5. Roadmaps and Release Planning: Sometimes, long term projects can turn stakeholders and investors antsy. If they’re without a clear idea of the progress your team is making and have nothing to reference, they may become nervous at the idea you’re not making progress with their project. This is why the roadmap and release planning dashboards are so important, as it is easily shareable to these stakeholders and allows you to get feedback about your ideas and plans for the project. It’s also a great way to track the overall progress of your business, and the visualization of your project’s final vision or goal.
  6. Customizeable Workflows: Everyone has a different workflow which is motivated by a variety of factors. OpenProject knows this, and lets you easily customize and track the workflows of your employees in the Workflow dashboard. It lets you explore different work package forms, workflows, themes, and more. This can help with reducing manual data entry and work, and helps your team to avoid errors and increase their productivity.

In addition to all the services offered by Let’s Nurture, OpenProject has too many features to list here. And since the program is open source, there is a seemingly limitless amount of ways you can customize and use the software for your business needs. If you’re curious and have questions about OpenProject, or if you’d like to work collaboratively with Let’s Nurture for integrating OpenProject into your business; use our contact form below. Our experts of over two decades are happy to provide free consultation and get you started on meeting all your critical project management goals.

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