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Odoo CRM Integration Services

Customer Relationship Management softwares, or CRM, is becoming one of the fastest growing and most important software sectors for modern business. They allow you to easily group data, cater to customer requests, and improve your businesses overall sale and customer service capabilities. Using a CRM is not only cost effective, but it helps minimize the overall time it will take for your business to complete specific tasks for processes. This covers everything from customer relationships, management of human resources, inventory, shipping, manufacturering, and company account management.

One great software, Odoo CRM, includes all of these features as well as a sales management module for handling customer requests, and the ability to track your organizations overall workflow. Additionally, it can be used to manage your company’s leads, opportunities, customers, orders, price lists, and cost quotations. Odoo CRM functions as a fushion of a variety of different plugins and apps. These include: CRM, Survey CRM, Reselling capabilities, opportunities for quotatoes and set prices, the ability to set up marketing campaigns, gamification of your CRM for increased engagement, and contact forms for your customers.

Key Features of Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM comes packed with a variety of features. For one, it allows you to set specific pipeline activities to priority to better manage due dates and deadlines. It has dashboards which allow you to access the variety of business related information, as well as an area where you can easily track your sales activities for your entire business. In addition, Odoo CRM can help you auto generate emails for leads, help you analyze your opportunities to see where you can capitialize on specific markets, and GeoIP usage; which allows you to detect countries and cities through their IP address, giving you more analytic data to work with. Odoo CRM also enables its users to engage in email marketing, letting you send newsletters and announcements in bulk.

How Let’s Nurture Helps your Business with Odoo CRM?

There are plenty of ways the experts at Let’s Nurture can help you and your business get used to, and utilize Odoo CRM in your business. Let’s go over some of these services below.

  1. Lead Generation: Lead generation is a great method for any business to spot potential customers or large sectors of business which are not being engaged with. This is done through Odoo CRM tracking and managing the leads generated by your customers data, as well as the users within your company. This pertinent information can then be analyzed and used by your sales team to improve the sale of products, or your overall revenue.
  2. Opportunity Management: Opportunity management is the process by which you use timely follow ups from one of your employees in order to reach out to potential clients, customers, or contacts. It enables you to track the business relationships you form in various stages of products you work on and schedule your meetings as needed.
  3. Lead Scoring: Another great feature of Odoo CRM is lead scoring. This is simply the process of letting your sales and marketing teams analyze your data to see what is generating the most revenue and what is falling flat. This allows your company to more easily track engagements and uses a scoring system to show what leads are the most useful for your business at that time. You can also set your own preferences for scoring as it relates to your organization, making sure your data lines up with your expectations.
  4. Easy Meeting and Activity Scheduling: Using Odoo’s easy dashboard system, your team can easily track and plan due dates, activities, meetings, and conference calls to keep everyone in your team informed and on track.
  5. VoIP Integration: Another great feature offered by Odoo is the option to use VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol. This simply refers to the process of using your computers internet connection for perform audio calls online. Not only does this increase the ease of communication among your team, it allows for clients and customers to more easily contact your business with questions or concerns regarding you and your products. Additionally, VoIP are typically more secure than standard programs such as Google Meet, Skype, or Zoom. This is because they utilize end to end encryption to keep your data safe from unauthorized access.
  6. Reports and Graphs for Easier Visualization: By using the Odoo CRM system, your sales managers and teams also have access to dashboards where they can easily visualize leads and opportunities through the forms of graphics and charts. These are easy to export and utilize in things such as quarterly reports or revenue reviews for your business. This also lets your employees utilize their own lost and won opportunities; which can help them to identify market trends, and in turn boost the amount of business they can perform.

In conclusion, it’s clear Odoo CRM is a powerful system for any business working globally or in the e-commerce sector. It’s ability to easily generate leads and opportunities also makes it great for small businesses looking to ramp up their revenue or engagements. If you’re curious about Odoo and have questions, or if you’d like to book a consultation for free, contact the Let’s Nurture team to see about integrating Odoo into your company.

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