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NFC App Development Company

Near field communications or NFC is the technology that is widely known to people by its use for contactless payments. The potentials of NFC technology don’t stop here. According to TNW, NFC has the potential to brick-and-mortar retail and reach elusive millennials- i.e- to entirely revitalize the in-store shopping experiences. There are almost two billion NFC-enabled devices like smartphones that are in use today. NFC is the underdog tech set to explode in the next five years as mentioned by The Next web.

About NFC Technology

NFC is an innovative and tremendous high-end technology that effectively transfers data in short-range wirelessly. It is a simple method of contactless communication between the devices that are in close proximity. This technology is based on a radio frequency (RF) field using a base frequency of 13.56 MHz designed to exchange data between two devices through a simple touch gesture.

NFC Technology in Mobile App Platforms


Touch to Send

Social media apps and other mobile applications for enterprises are front-line competitors for the NFC technologies for speedy and secure file transfers.

Portal development solutions

NFC tags

NFC Tags are data providing chips that are capable of initiating desired actions in mobile apps. NFC chips eliminate the requirement of the scanner or other apps and offer the information you want appropriately with high security.

E-commerce development

Tap and easy pay

NFC offers a seamless user experience to perform financial transactions by just touching and tapping on the screen.Safe and easy transaction just in a tap.

PHP web development

NFC Keys

NFC-enabled electronic keys let their users open the car door or home entry door just with a tap on the smartphone.

Php/mysql development


IoT is redefining the consumer's lifestyle by allowing them to have an interactive home, travel, shopping experiences and NFC adds to its benefits by allowing users to do it with just a tap.

Use Cases

School Bus/Ward Tracking

NFC for Cashless Payments

The convenience of payment is a renowned achievement of this technology. NFC makes it extremely easy for customers to make instant payments via their smartphones and tablets through e-wallets. This process of payment is adopted by large scale organizations because of its dynamic and progressive nature. Easy and hassle-free mode of payment serves as a great UX.

Asset Tracking

NFC in Asset Tracking

NFC asset tracking system gives advanced ways to track whether the item taken from the asset store is returned or not. Whenever the asset leaves the marked area, the data is fed along with the name of their assigned employee and their details. Once the asset is returned, its details are logged in again. This ensures high asset security.

Fleet tracking & Management

NFC for recording Time & Attendance

High-level NFC encryption allows the institutions and organizations to employ it as a sort of a security system as it will update accurate IDs of students entering and exiting the premises. The organization’s staff can also use NFC technology to interact in the office environment effectively in real-time. NFC improves productivity in the organization by generating more revenue as it potentially attracts more customers.

Indoor Navigation System

NFC for Transport

NFC enabled phones will have a great advantage over paper tickets by allowing users to store their tickets in their devices assuring high durability. Travelers just need to tap the information tags that are embedded in the smart posters to download the related data, such as train schedules, information about nearby attractions, which in turn improves the person’s travel experience. The transport operators can also benefit from the reduced operating and maintenance costs by cutting down from paper tickets, ticket machines, ticket sellers and ticket resellers.

Fleet tracking & Management

NFC in the Pharmaceutical Industry

NFC-labels for autoinjectors are put in a corresponding application that informs users that the product is authentic, original, and unused. Before opening the cap seal of the medicine for the first time, patients can verify whether the product is original or not. After opening the cap and label and reading the NFC chip, patients will receive a message on their devices showing whether the product was previously opened or tampered, allowing the patients to quickly check the intactness of their injection aids.

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