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Microsoft 365 CRM Integration Services

 They’re one of the biggest and most important names in the computer industry. I’m sure anyone reading this article has heard about Microsoft, and by extension their series of Windows operating systems. They’ve been serving customers since the 1980s with some of the best designed and responsive software in the industry. Now, Microsoft has taken the dive into the world of CRM software with the introduction of their Microsoft Dynamics 365 program. This program is great for any business looking to integrate a CRM model into their business, helping them bring together teams by a great system of dashboards and processes.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365

 Microsoft Dynamics comes preloaded with a variety of dashboards, apps, plugins, and automation programs designed to make running your business easier. For one, its dedicated sales tab allows you to track the progress of your sales, helping you to build stronger business to business relationships, as well as improving both your performance on project work, as well as overall company productivity. This also helps you to close more details, which can be great for smaller businesses in more urgent need of earning revenue. Dynamics 365 also includes customer insights for improving lead and opportunity generation, marketing assistance and tips through the app as well as a bulk emailing system for marketing campaigns, and the ability to rapidly deploy projects to your clients after they’ve been completed.

Dynamics 365 by Let’s Nurture

 In addition to assisting your team with setting up and maintaining your Dynamics 365 system for sales and marketing, Let’s Nurture has additional integration systems offered to work with other Windows programs, designed to help you streamline and automate more of your business to improve effiency. Let’s breakdown some of these services below:

  1. Microsoft Excel Optimization: Most of your employees likely already use Microsoft Excel on a daily basis. However, Excel isn’t perfect and it can have limitations; especiallyy when attempting to update multiple records at once or storing massive amounts of data. Dynamics 365 features built in Excel integration, allowing for drag and drop usage to manage your excel sheets more easily.
  2. Merge Records and Reports with Office 365: Microsoft Word is the most used word processor in the world, with a whopping 82% of businesses utilizing it. This is great, as Dynamics 365 is interchangeable with Office 365; meaning you can easily import, design, and create templates for your Microsoft Word documents. Additionally, you can save records and templates which are similar and merge them together, making the summarization of data easier to write and less time consuming for you to create.
  3. Manage Customer Emails and Communication with Outlook: Outlook, next to Google’s Gmail, is one of the most widely used email services in the world. By integrating your company’s outlook accounts into Dynamic 365; you’re able to view all of your emails, sales information, order activity, and utilize your Outlook Calendar for the scheduling of important meetings and dates, as well as customer appointments and project deadlines.
  4. Cheaper and Simpler Storage with Sharepoint: Sharepoint is a great tool for those looking to maintain their storage space of data better. Not only does using it in tandem with Dynamic 365 save you money on storage costs, but it also allows you to save database and harddrive space as well for your business.

Clearly, the easy built-in integrations of Dynamic 365, mixed in with its preloaded dashboard features make it a simple, but powerful tool for improving your business. If you have any questions about using Dynamic 365 for your business, or if you’d simply like to book a free consultation with the Let’s Nurture team to add Dynamic 365 to your tool kit, simply use our contact section below. We’ve been in the business of helping businesses grow for two decades, and our tech experts will be ready to assist you every step of the way.

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