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IT Disaster Management and Recovery
Services and Solutions

Natural disasters are an unavoidable part of life. While many of us in Canada have the opportunity to live outside the danger zone of things such as tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural catastrophies; your business still needs a plan for what to do in the event of an emergency. Many businesses however, often neglect the importance of having a it disaster management and data recovery plan in place. Let's Nurture is stepping up to the plate, helping you and your business manage your data both before and after disaster strikes; to make sure you have a solid backup plan and the ability to get back to work.

Why IT Disaster Management is So Important?

Having a IT disaster management plan in place is the difference between catastrophic loses and downtime and being able to get back on your feet quickly to meet customer needs. Your team should be able to access, edit, and share important documents at any time as part of your plan. Additionally, you should practice tabletop exercises in which you and your team pretend the disaster is occuring and react accordingly. These tabletop exercises allow you to fine tune your response to a disaster, find out which team members are the most prepared for said crisis, and assist those who are. Finally, you should run an actual simulation of the disaster. This is important to see the real time impact on your business, as well as good practice for the tests and diagnostics you'll need to run in these situations. Let's Nurture can help put this plan in place, along with many other IT disaster management services.

IT Disaster Management and Recovery Services offered by Let's Nurture:


Planning and Consultation

Whether your team needs assistance formulating your disaster plan, or you're just looking for some second opinions; the Let's Nurture team is happy to work with you to plan your recovery strategies and minimize losses.


Simple Cloud Storage

With our access to cloud technology, Let's Nurture can assist in backing up, copying, and storing your data on our servers. This keeps your backups safe in the event of disaster.


System and Structural Assessments

Another key cause of data loss is system failures. Let's Nurture will inspect your system structure and overall technological structure of your businesses to find faults, errors, and ways to improve your current setup.


Disaster Budgeting Consultation

Curious where your business should begin with protecting itself? Our team will work directly with you in order to allocate the budgeting and spending for protecting your business.


Live Testing and Reporting

Does your business want to test your disaster plan but lacks the time or resources? Let's Nurtures team of experts can recreate disasters in real time and provide you with valuable analytics detailing data loss and total company recovery needs.


Data Security

We'll work closely with your business or team, providing important consultation on how to safely store and control your data.

For those curious about using our IT disaster management and recovery services for their business, developing their own IT disaster management plan, or wish to consult Let's Nurture; you can contact us directly using the form below for a free consultation and discussion regarding our services.


What kind of disasters can impact my business?

A: There are a variety of disasters that can impact a business. For one, things such as floods can damage electronic components and cause data losses. Power outages can also lead to lost productivity and data, and events such as fires or destroyed businesses through earthquakes can cause massive losses of not just electronic data, but physically stored data and information as well.

How do I recover my data after a disaster?

A: Typically, data can be recovered after a disaster by maintaining both a physical backup in a different physical location, as well as by maintaining consistent backup archives in the cloud. Physical recovery of hard drives may be possible, but typically recovery will be primarily digital.

How much does this cost?

A: Typically, most disaster recovery plans will cost anywhere from $8,000 to $10,000 annually. Of course, this fluctuates based on the needs of the business and the existing budget constraints. Contact Let's Nurture directly for price quotations.

Does Let's Nurture provide on-premise support?

A: While Let's Nurture does not currently provide on-premise support for our disaster recovery management service, we do provide 24/7 customer service support for all of our clients, regardless of the service they utilize.

What is the typical makeup of a disaster recovery plan?

A: Typically, a disaster recovery plan has five elements. The creation of the disaster team, identifying and assessing risks, determining critical applications, documents, and resources for the business, specifying the backup procedures and off-site storage, and testing and maintaining the disaster recovery plan.

What can happen if I don't have a disaster recovery plan in place?

A: In the event of a disaster with no recovery plan in place for your business, you could face a variety of issues such as massive downtime, loss of customer and transaction data for your business, as well as a damaged reputation caused by the issues related to your disaster.

Do you provide Managed IT Disaster Services through Acronis ?

A: Yes

What are other IT Disaster and recovery software you work with?

A: Fortinet, Cyberoam

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