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Security and Backup
Services Powered by Acronis

Whether you're running a website, service, server, or simply hosting a large amount of data; proper maintenance and security is critical in order to keep your customers information safe and to prevent critical loss of information in the event of hard drive and storage failure, cloud hacking, or a network outages caused by things such as direct denial of service attacks. This can be tricky for anyone to manage, but it can be especially difficult for smaller businesses or business owners who are not well versed in things such as computer science, network security, and other more niche computer topics.

Let's Nurture is proud to announce its expansion into the security and backup market. It will be powered by the Acronis cyber backup platform. Acronis is safe, reliable, easy to use, and cheaper than most security and backup software and services. It also offers a free trial and has been able to support and scale with more than 20 different platforms in order for you to streamline your overall workload and save your business time and money.

Why Acronis Security Services?

Improve your security posture and ensure your organization is prepared for cyberattacks at all levels – technologies, people, and processes - with a holistic approach.

Proactively prevent threats

Eliminate security risks before they're exploited by cybercriminals, and ensure that you’re able to promptly recover from incidents.

Minimize remediation costs

Act before your critical systems are penetrated or your data is leaked to mitigate the damage. Gain clarity for security investment decisions.

Tailor to your needs

Align the cybersecurity roadmap with business goals. Leverage a personalized approach aimed at delivering a service package specifically tailored to your needs.

Get action-oriented recommendations

You’re provided with detailed reports, including executive summaries, that outline how to improve your security posture and mitigate risks step-by-step.

Security and Backup Services offered by Let’s Nurture

The following services will be offered by Let's Nurture and powered directly by Acronis' systems.

Risk assessment

Ensure any change to your IT environment does not introduce security gaps by evaluating your security posture using industry-best standards.

Vulnerability scanning

Limit the attack surface to your corporate networks, applications, and endpoints, and ensure a secure development lifecycle (SDL).

Network and web application penetration testing

Ensure regulatory compliance with standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and ISO, and close attack vectors to network, mobile, and web environments.

Social engineering

Evaluate your general security controls and employees’ readiness to meet cyberattacks.

Remediation report

Gain clarity for IT investment decisions and mitigate risks with actionable recommendations from our cybersecurity analysts.

Benefits of choosing Let’s Nurture

In addition to the services we offer for security and backups, Let's Nurture also aims to provide efficient, accountable service that focuses on prioritizing our clients needs.

Debugging and Ongoing Maintenance

Making sure the projects we provide our clients work is important to Let's Nurture. We will make debugging, maintenance, and support for your Acronis security and backup service a priority a priority, so that your company can feel safe doing business.

24/7 Customer Service

Experiencing issues with the Acronis service? Curious about the progress of a problem or just have a simple question? Let's Nurture offers full 24/7 customer support and service, to make sure your needs are met at any hour of the day.

Transparent Workflows

Let's Nurture makes transparency a large part of how we do business. We want to be able to show you the work we're doing, in order to lessen the anxiety that came come from the waiting time frame of error troubleshooting and data recovery.

For those curious about using our Acronis security and backup services for their business, developing their Acronis security system, or wish to consult Let's Nurture; you can contact us directly using the form below for a free consultation and discussion regarding our services.


I need specific protection or backup type not listed here. Can Let's Nurture help me?

A: While this page does cover the general project Let's Nurture aims to support using Acronis, it is not an exhaustive list. For those curious about using Let's Nurture to protect your system and data, feel free to contact us with the specifications. More than likely, we'll be able to help!

How long will my security implementation take? What will it cost?

A: Given the complexity behind security integration, as well as the variety of factors in place when working with clients; Let's Nurture does not offer set time frames or prices for our Acronis security and backup services. Please contact Let's Nurture to discuss details, costs, and time frames.

What happens if I have a glitch or error in my software after Let's Nurture finishes developing it?

A: Given that Let's Nurture strives for customer satisfaction and service above all else, we pride ourselves on the projects we finish. We offer maintenance for projects we assist in development, and can help with updating projects we have worked on after development is completed.

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