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Accelerated Mobile Page

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Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) Development for Websites

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP), is an open source initiative developed by Google that makes websites load faster. It helps publishers create mobile-optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere.

Why Business Websites need AMP Development?

Today maximum people access INTERNET via their mobile devices. Most of the users who would read some news or articles over their devices were found to abandon the task even before the page was uploaded.

Staggering Stats on AMP before we move on...

Upon AMP initiative by Google, it has been seen that more than 25 million website domains have adapted to Accelerated Mobile Page development.

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  • 73% of the mobile users have faced a slow loading page that forced them to quit.
  • 53% of mobile site visits abandoned for pages taking longer than 3 seconds to load
  • Over 4 billion AMP pages have been published in 2 years
  • 0.5 secs is the median time for an AMP page to load from Google Search
  • Elements of AMP

    AMP is an open source framework creating for the mobile pages with the following parts:

    AMP development

    AMP HTML This is subset HTML to adding the some restrictions on the full set of tags and functionality available in HTML.

    AMP development

    AMP JS Basic Javascript framework, manages the resource handling and asynchronous loading.

    AMP development

    AMP CDN Content delivery network helps to increase the performance optimizations.

    Our Objective through AMP Development Services

    Being a top website development company in India, USA, Canada, UK and Australia, our prime objective is to create highly responsive and very fast loading websites/ pages for our clients without losing out on their potential customers. We are a trusted Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) Development Company that helps in transferring the whole brand identity that includes fonts, layouts and style to develop elegant and flawless AMP pages for client websites to load their content instantly. AMP is an effort towards improving the mobile content ecosystem for all the stakeholders – content creators, publishers, consumer platforms and lastly the users.

    Our Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) Development Services

    Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP), is an open source initiative developed by Google that makes websites load faster. It helps publishers create mobile-optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere.

    Mobile friendly AMP Development

    Our Accelerated (AMP) development services help clients to have SEO friendly and responsive web pages that load very fast containing customized content. We provide thorough testing to ensure that all AMP pages are accessible on all the devices, platforms and OS.

    AMP for Wordpress

    We use, install and configure open source plugins like AMP for WP (Google AMP in Wordpress) to automatically add Accelerated Mobile Pages features to a wordpress website to load it faster. This AMP plugin can integrate all content types with custom design layouts. AMP helps in boosting the sales with WooCommerce too.

    AMP for Ecommerce

    We help building fast, robust and user friendly Ecommerce solutions leveraging AMP development. AMP helps in faster loading resulting in increased customer engagement through browsing and purchase flows. If your idea is to have a small Ecommerce store or a marketplace, AMP development by us will guarantee you in maximising sales.

    Hire Dedicated AMP developers

    Hire Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) developers from us to avail the unparalleled experience in bringing the best out of your responsive website. With in-house team of 23+ AMP developers with experience on working on 577+ projects, we guarantee to deliver the best AMP solutions with flexible engagement models, great transparency and easy communication.

    AMP development to boost site viewership

    Our Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) development team help in cutting down the loading time of web pages significantly without compromising for rich content. We understand the need for businesses to instantly capture the site viewership and help with right solutions by quality AMP development to meet the business goals.

    Enhanced SEO with AMP Development

    Our AMP development services help loading web pages in fewer seconds while delivering smooth navigation to give fast and optimum user experience. With AMP, there is no need to change content and layout for different OS. Bots help in discovering mobile friendly web page while increasing pagespeed, more traffic and decreasing bounce rate.

    No Custom Solutions

    AMP development services require no custom web page development for Android, iOS or other platforms. The Accelerated Mobile Pages are accessible to all the devices of all the operating systems. This makes AMP an essential mobility solution to have for any business owner.

    AMP Stamps on Search Results

    AMP Project is a Google initiative and websites/ pages using AMP development are highlighted by Google Search Engine with its mark. This makes visitors more likely to visit the AMP powered web pages resulting in increased traffic with lesser bounce rates.

    AMP enabled Ad and Analytics

    Our HTML are coded in the best way possible to magnify the overall usability of the banners. AMP HTML enhance load times while removing elements that often slow down this process of loading the adverts. Analytics provide details on unique visits, total visitors, click-through rates, conversion rates and format wise ad tracking.

    Expert AMP Consultancy Services

    Our experienced AMP development team is there to offer expert Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) consultancy services to businesses of any kind, ranging from startups to small and medium businesses.

    Quick Turnaround Time and Support

    We provide a fast and reliable maintenance and support services for AMP development that saves our customer’s time. We make sure to deliver quality for our deliverables which guarantees 100% client satisfaction and to provide best ROI.

    Quality AMP development boosting ROI

    AMP development by Let's Nurture helps your business to grow by increased user engagement with increased time spent on your web page. This will boost your conversion rates and in turn increasing your sales while giving you the best ROI.

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