Meet Our <span>Global</span> Team

Meet Our Global Team

Ketan Raval
Ketan Raval Moncton , New Brunswick
Sunil Veluri
Sunil Veluri Ahmedabad, India
Eduardo Hahn Neto
Eduardo Hahn Neto Joinville, Brazil
Raimundo Hernandez
Raimundo Hernandez San Jose, Costa Rica
Iain MacInnes
Iain MacInnes PEI, Canada
Aaron Ronquillo
Aaron Ronquillo
Taylor Bondy
Taylor Bondy Halifax, Nova Scotia
Amanda Michels
Amanda Michels Joinville | Brazil
Huma Sheerin
Huma Sheerin Moncton | Canada
Silvia Arcia
Silvia Arcia NB, Canada
Jack Stewart
Jack Stewart Moncton | Canada
Lissa Aràuz
Lissa Aràuz Nicaragua
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