Frequently Asked Questions :)

Who we are and why choose Lets Nurture?

Lets Nurture is a company providing Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) to the client base worldwide. We have an extensive portfolio of work. Our company is head-quartered in Ahmedabad (Gujarat), India with 3 offices and also has an office at Yorkshire, England. We have 6+ years of exposure managing various facets of Web, Mobile and Enterprise solutions. Our team includes skilled engineers, designers and analysts making the strength of over 100 employees.

Why should I choose software outsourcing?

Three most important reasons: (1) The advantage of currency (2) The advantage of abundant resource of skills & manpower in India (3) To balance the demand and supply ratio. Having the first two advantages by our side – as an offshore development company, we can provide quality deliverables at reasonably competitive prices than the company next door or the one nearby your office. Using a robust IT Infrastructure and global communication channel, we can assure effective communication methods to provide seamless services for your distinguished requirements.

Is it legal to use offshore development firm?

Yes – it is legal. There can be exceptions such as, if you are building an application that is classified; they require encryptions to be transferred across national borders; or they are created with intent for illegal activities. We follow the laws of the country where your business is operating from. And in the instances where it requires strong encryption, Lets Nurture will implement standard industry encryption that is in compliance with United States Law.

What benefits and quality can I expect?

Strike a deal with us and you will work with highly innovative and experienced team of designing and development at the most competitive prices in the market with your expected quality benchmarks. Quality Assurance:

  • Confidentiality Guarantee
  • Price Guarantee
  • Results Guarantee

What is the quality of people you employ?

The quality we promise is ultimately the reflection of abilities of our employees. Our employees are: English speaking graduates, post-graduates and highly-skilled professionals that possess multiple years of industry experience with a know-how of working for offshore Projects for global clients. Our selection process includes verbal and analytical tests, technical tests, 2+ hours of interviews in a systematic process, problem solving on a given task and detailed reference checking.

What are the payment models?

We have a customized approach to ensure that we offer flexibility to our clients. Therefore, we work on fixed price model, hire a developer model and also on hourly basis.

What are your payment terms?

For Small Projects we sometimes go for 50% advance and 50% after completion, for  big projects  we  can divide the task into milestones as mentioned below:

  • Fixed Price Projects: Advance: 25%
  • 2nd Milestone: 25% after completion of 50% of work
  • Beta Release: 25% after completion of 75% of work
  • Final Release: 25% when Projects are ready to go live or the app is ready to be uploaded on the app store or the website of the client's server.
  • Hourly Basis Projects: Monthly Payments
  • SEO Projects: 100% Advance on Monthly basis
Also, these are standard payment terms; for individual projects, the milestones may differ with some aspects.

What contracts and agreements do you sign?

We sign the NDA before the initial discussion and the final contract is drawn out in details before the project orientation. We are bound by the legal framework of your country and we are a registered company based in India.

Are you a member of any industry body?

We are members of NASCOM, Amazon Web Services, GESIA as well as CII and are Magento Bronze & Google Analytic Certified.

How do you protect our intellectual property rights?

Lets Nurture follows standard industry practices to protect your intellectual property i.e. copyrightable, patentable, proprietary information that is outside the disclosure or irreversible loss. We always ensure that we are a faithful development partner for our clients.

What is the method to submit a request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Information (RFI) to you?

Request for Proposal and Request for Information can be done by the methods that is best suited to you. You may choose to contact us by filling the 'Contact Us' form or also choose to send an email to us on We will get in touch with you by your preferred mode of communication in 24 working hours.

Do you provide fully integrated web and mobile solutions?

For the past 6+ years, Lets Nurture has successfully developed sophisticated software solutions for mobile & web platforms for diversified clientele. Our teams have the expertise managing projects and delivering in engaging and robust products that enhance the digital footprint of your business domain.

What Project Management tools do you use?

We use Basecamp as a standard tool for Project Management and when the Project is rewarded to us – we will open the Project in Basecamp for seamless management of the tasks.

I prefer only English. So what will be the mode of communication?

Yes – we have the teams who will be able to effectively communicate with you during your business hours. We use phone calls, emails and Skype as our primary tools for communication. And as per your convenience, we will be communicating with you on your project requirements via preferred mode of communication.

What controls do I have over the project while it is in the development phase?

You will be in close control of your project. Our assigned Business Consultant will be your single resource of contact for any issues related to the project, regular updates and to ensure that your work is done as per the pre-set guidelines.

How would I escalate the issues, if ever required?

We follow a transparent approach while we go along the complex requirements and multiple tasks of project management. Each of your projects will be assigned to a project manager and he will be responsible for delivering the project to you. Following will be the steps for escalation and all of them will be available in the Basecamp:

  • Project Leader
  • Project Manager
  • VP – Sales & Marketing
  • CEO

What if I do not like the design? How many design iterations will you provide with?

We have dedicated teams for UI and UX. As part of the project orientation process, the Project Manager will be sharing with you the document for design requirement which is required to be filled by you. Utilizing the details provided by you, we will provide you 2-3 samples of icons and splash screens. Upon 2-3 revisions, we expect that the design will be finalized. Only once it is finalized, we will carry on with designing for the remaining screens and the UI.

What if I wish to hire a full time developer or a designer for my software development project?

Yes  Off course! You can hire one from us who will work up to 170 hours/month

Will you be available during my time zone?

Yes –  We will be available 24/7.

Could you please elaborate your business models?

  • Fixed Price and Fixed Scope.
  • Hourly basis (Time and Scope based)
  • Hire a dedicated developer or a team that reports directly to you
  • Fixed Time, fixed hours and flexible Project

How do I claim refund, if I am not happy with your services?

We have an applied and systematic approach to our Project Development Life Cycle. We follow agile methodology to ensure high quality and self-motivated teams and make sure that you are aware on the overall progress of the project, your views are taken into account with priority and bottlenecks are resolved. So there would never arise any situation wherein you would require a refund. But even if  you do,  we respect the relationship established with you and whatever  due  refund comes, we would be more than happy to give it back to you.

What about support and maintenance once the project is completed?

Lets Nurture believes that our relationship begins when the project is completed – not the other way round. We emphasize on nurturing professional relationships with our clients during and after the completion of the project. Therefore, you can expect complete support and maintenance of the products provided by us in future. We will actively be working with you to identify the areas of improvement based on user reviews and upgrading the technology in future.

Can you provide reference of your work?

Yes! Please click here to view our portfolio and testimonials

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